Introduction: Simple Tool That Can Be Made From Scraps, Mini Electric Pcb Cutter

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Sometimes we caught up to working something cause there is a tool that you need but you do not have it. Maybe you could make it from stuff that is around you

Step 1:

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what you need is :

-unused x toy dc motor 3-6volt

-unused printer part roll paper

-dc adaptor 5-6volt

-little super glue

Step 2: Build

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Remove one small part of the sperepart printer that is shaped like a disc-saws, dispose of spring and attach the saw disc on the dc motor shaff, when hole dics saw is too small and should be enlarged if it is too slack on a motor shaff give little super glue. then connect the motor by using a bit of wire to power dc adapter, and your mini electric pcb cutter ready to use.

You can use to cut anything other than PCBs, as long as they were thin and not too hard.


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