Introduction: Quick Way of Making a Cheese Toastie

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In this guide i will show you a quicker way of making a cheese toastie

Step 1: Put Your Bread in a Toaster

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put your bread in toaster and choose your setting, i use setting 4

Step 2: Grate Cheese

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next you want to grate some cheese, you can grate it how you want, so you could have it, big, small or in slices

Step 3: Butter You Toast

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When the toast is done you can butter it

Step 4: Put Cheese on the Toast

sprinkle your grated cheese on to one slice of toast, you can also add other toppings like ham

Step 5: Last Slice

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finally put the other slice on top and there you go you have done

Step 6: DONE!

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You can now enjoy your cheated cheese toastie XD


xxX_MD5S_Xxx (author)2017-07-02

wow thats not bad, u forgot one vital step, to put the toaster on its side then put the toast in the toaster to melt and cook cheese

lemonie (author)2011-04-03

You need to actually photograph your sandwich.


knex obsessed (author)lemonie2011-04-03

I will do next time i make one :P

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