Picture of Quick way to make a dress (or the completely lazy way!!)
I needed to make a dress inexpensively and fast. Thus was born: How to make a dress quickly and easily when all you have is just enough fabric for the skirt part (and that has to be pieced together) and an inexpensive pattern.

1st: Go to the thrift store and get a couple of nice pullover, knit or stretch knit shirts that you like. Make sure they go down to at least and inch or so above your pelvic bones. Wash it.

Step 1: The fabric preparation.

Picture of The fabric preparation.
Get your pattern (something super simple) and set it aside. Sew the fabric scraps together lengthwise with the grain (knitwise). For this, I sewed 3 strips of floral print stretch knit fabric that were 36 inches long, together for the front and I sewed 2 pieces together for the back.


Love it! 1 to 2 hours, going to stitch a dress for tonight's Valentine's dinner date. I try to remember to post pics.

sdreiling2 years ago
I love this idea!! It's the SMART way to make a dress, not lazy at all. haha
Awesome! This seems like a great idea, I'm sure I have patterns somewhere!!
natauhl2477 years ago
this is really cool! wow!! i wish i was that good :)
abbiegrrl7 years ago
WOW That's excellent!! you are a great model, and your work is tres magnifique!
I like it a lot! I am jealous! Haha just kidding. But still, very nice job, I bet many people out there love this, great Instructable.