Step 4: the shirt preparation

Take the washed shirt and turn it inside out. Using a seam ripper, rip open the bottom seam (or the shirt's hemmed edge).
<p>Love it! 1 to 2 hours, going to stitch a dress for tonight's Valentine's dinner date. I try to remember to post pics.</p>
I love this idea!! It's the SMART way to make a dress, not lazy at all. haha
Awesome! This seems like a great idea, I'm sure I have patterns somewhere!!
this is really cool! wow!! i wish i was that good :)
WOW That's excellent!! you are a great model, and your work is tres magnifique!
I like it a lot! I am jealous! Haha just kidding. But still, very nice job, I bet many people out there love this, great Instructable.

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