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Introduction: QuickMods - Soldering Arms

For those of you who solder, you know how hard it can be to hold your soldering iron, wire, and 2 (or more) pieces you're soldering. These are two arms attached to a piece of wood that can bend in any direction and stay that way. They also have clips on the ends which grab stuff. This is my version of "Helping Hands" by John Otto.

I have incorporated more common materials into this project, so this version is more accessible to people like me who don't want to go out and buy alligator clips and such things.

Hover your mouse on the yellow squares for tool uses. You might be able to use something else instead.

MATERIALS ==========

LARGE WOOD PLATFORM, approx. 1.25 feet by 1 foot
TAPE, preferably electrician's
4 SCREWS, I don't recommend using nails

TOOLS ==========


Step 1: Screw in the Screws

Screw the screws in the top right hand corner, one farther back than the other (approximately 1.5 cm/0.6 inch apart). Don't screw them in all the way, leave enough room for the coat hangers to easily go under them. REPEAT FOR THE OTHER SIDE.

Step 2: Bend Off the Wire

Twist the coat hanger at the top to untie it. Use the pliers to bend off the highlighted section of wire in the picture. Do this to both coat hangers.

Step 3: Make a Small Loop

Using the pliers, bend a small loop at the end of the wire. Do this for both wires.

Step 4: Place Wire Under Screws

Place the wire under the screws and screw the screws in really tight. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5: So Far So Good

This is what it should look like by now.

Step 6: Clothes Pin Stuff

I put the clothes pin into a vice and sawed off the angled edge. This will help with holding what ever you use this thing for.

Then I taped down the top of the spring. The spring moves around a lot so I highly suggest doing this, no matter how much of a pain it might be. I then taped it in several places to keep the spring on even better and keep the clothes pin closed tight.

Step 7: Attach the Clothes Pin to the Arms

Thread the wire arms throught the hole in the spring. You might have to break through any tape you put on before. Repeat for the other side.

The next picture is what it should look like by now.

Step 8: Curl the Wire

Curl the wire like this, it's the same size as the curl you did in the beginning of this project.

Step 9: Wire and Clothes Pin

There is a small hole in the middle of the clothes pin. To find it, you might have to open the tape up by cutting it a bit until you see the hole. Fold the tape back over and cover it up with some more. Push the wire into the hole using the pliers. If their is a lot of excess wire sticking out the other side, bend it over or cut it off with wire cutters or something. Repeat for the other side.

Step 10: DONE

Yay! You're done! You must feel really special. Now go solder something for no particular reason.

Oh yeah, and in case you DON'T know how to use it, bend the wire arms to the position you want to hold something in. Then use the clothes pins like normal and pinch your materials in them.



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    instead of sawing u could file it down and it would be much easyier

    A thought to help the clothespins - wrapping a rubber band around the clothespin will give it more tension to help it hold things better in case the spring is too weak.

    If you put the tape on the clothespins really tight like I did, that probably wouldn't be nesessary (agh, I can never remember how to spell that). It would be a better alternative however.

    Never Eat Cake, Eat Sausage Sandwiches And Remain Young


    Get an alligator clip its much easier to put on to the wire hanger

    I need one with a lot shorter arms..... -_-

    Woah that one is really cool.

    cool project, they sell something similar called 'helping hands' for $5
    They are very very useful, I use them for all my soldering jobs. You should do one modification to make them more useful if you buy them: https://www.instructables.com/id/EGHGI21YFWEP287TUT/