Have you seen those Direct-to-TV game devices that hook to your TV and play video game classics.

Ever want to create your own video game system?

You don't need experience in writing code or creating graphics as I'll take you step-by-step.   You'll start by creating your own video game system from an easy to assemble kit, then on into doing your own graphics animation then I'll introduce you to creating your own video game.   

Anyone with any Parallax Propeller board can participate in this Instructable.  Step 1 provides schematics for folks who want to roll their own system from a breadboard, or one of the many Propeller based boards which are on the market.

If you don't have a Propeller microcontroller, here is the kit I'll be using in this Instructable:


Step 1:

If you are building your own Quick Player kit, follow the assembly instructions follow this steps: {pictures provided.}
  1. Insert the two 1.1k resistors, the 560 ohm resistor , and the 270 ohm resistor.
  2. Add the Electrolytic capacitor at C1- it's polarized; the side of the capacitor marked with a stripe.
  3. The RCA jacks snap into the holes on the top of the board.
  4. Last thing to add is headers. {Tip here - you can use your QuickStart board to hold the headers.}
  5. Then, put the Quick Player on top and solder the headers. All done!
Resistor Chart:
  • 1.1k resistor = Brown, Brown, Red
  • 560 ohm resistor = Green, Blue Brown
  • 270 ohm resistor = Red, Violet, Brown
If you are rolling your own version of this kit using a Propeller breadboard or other Propeller based board, refer to the first image for the correct schematic for video, audio and game control.   
  • Propeller Video is P12,P13,P14
  • Propeller Audio is P10
  • Controller is: P22,P23
The controller software is interchangeable with various game controllers.  Details are here.
<p>Is this program compatible with an Arduino using a wii nunchuck shield and an lcd screen?</p>
Could you run an emulator on this? <br>
this is awesome
<strong>Very cool project I look forward to starting once i get the required hardware.</strong>
This is amazing! Although I have no experience in game design, this seems to be worth a try. Thanks for this great Instructable!
You're welcome! We did a second game tutorial <a href="http://www.gadgetgangster.com/tutorials/358" rel="nofollow">right here</a>, too - it features a Tron-style lightcycle game.

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