Quickest, Easiest Christmas Candy: Nut Clusters

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This is one of my favorite no-hassle holiday treats to make because it is FAST!  These mixed nuts coated with delicious chocolate and butterscotch make a great thrifty gift for co-workes, clients, teachers, bus drivers, mailman, or pretty much anyone.  With only three easy steps, this candy goes from cupboard to candy box!

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Step 1: The Recipe

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Quick & Easy Nut Clusters
makes 2 to 3 dozen

12 oz. semi sweet Chocolate chips
6 oz. butterscotch chips
1 lb nuts
optional: 1/4 bar of gulf wax**

**Gulf wax is a candy grade paraffin wax found in the baking isle near the gelatin and jam making supplies.  It helps the chocolate harden so it won't melt when handled.  It also makes it easier to mix the chocolate with the nuts.  A box comes with 4 bars of wax.

I usually double this recipe to make a huge batch!

Toffy4 years ago
This is a simple and quick recipe. And as you say, great for gifting. Thanks for sharing.
ChrysN5 years ago
This looks delicious!
canida5 years ago
Those look awesome!

And thanks for the info on using Gulf wax - seeing big boxes of wax in the food aisles always creeps me out, so I have been a bit scared of using it.