Introduction: Quickest Fix for a Rockband Drum Pedal

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For all you who are addicted to Rockband and broke your drum pedal from rocking out too hard, here is a quick way for you to get back to owning "Enter Sandman" while you find a more permanent solution to your problem.

Step 1: Sensor

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the rockband drum pedal works through a sensor that is triggered by a magnet. So what's the easiest way to keep playing when your pedal breaks?

Strap a magnet to you foot.

Step 2: Materials

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1. Magnet (must be stronger than a fridge magnet, the stronger the better)

2. Tape (we used packing tape but athletic tape may work better and reduce clicking)

Step 3: Attach the Magnet

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Simply put the magnet on the tape and the tape on your foot. I would highly recommend taping it to the ball of your foot as this will generally place the magnet directly on top of the sensor in the base of the pedal.

Step 4: Usage

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When using this quick fix you should be aware of your where the magnet is hitting on the base of the pedal. It should hit near the bottom of the square near the top as shown in a previous picture. How accurate you need to be in your foot placement depends on how powerful your magnet is.

Also you should note two other drawbacks to this quick and dirty fix:

1. There is a click. You may be able to get rid of this by using athletic tape or a sock.
2. It's generally hit or miss. Not every one of your stomps will register as a hit.

other than this keep on rocking as you look for a more permanent solution.


SkateboardingForLife (author)2009-09-30

Haha I've done this but then I put the magnet on my real drum pedal

HeWantsRevenge (author)2008-10-08

hahaha...for emergency purposes. nice

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