So my neighbor ordered some stuff online from a big chain dept store, and when it came it had a store security tag on it. She came to me and asked if I knew anything about removing it without activating the GPS module and releasing the dye pack and nerve gas. I told her I would see what I could do....two minutes later I returned unharmed with her garment in one hand and the evil device in the other fully intact. 

The purpose of this Instructable is for informational purposes only. Any use of this information for purposes other than removal of such device from a purchased garment is highly illegal and punishable by fines and jail time. 

Step 1: What you need.

These mysterious devices are rather simple devices. While they can be mutilated off with a pair of snips, a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, they can be removed much easier with a high powered magnet. I used a hard drive magnet and a light touch.

The purpose of this Instructable is for informational purposes only. Any use of this information for purposes other than removal of such device from a purchased garment is highly illegal and punishable by fines and jail time.
<p>Translation- My friend is a shoplifter and this is how to get the tags off so you can wear your stolen gear.</p>
<p>the rectangular one pictured above is not a magnet based security tag, that one has a hooked pin that pushes into the body pictured above, then clicks into two pieces of light spring steel then locks in place, the tool used to open that one is a grabs both sides off the pinch point in the image above and bends it just far enough that the hooked pin drops out from below, thus unlocking the device. The reason that pinch is there is to conceal the sharp pin that gets inserted from the bottom. However, in today's market most of these are outdated, most things have a sicker strip inside them that can be easily removed, more often then not there is an RFID chip in side that can be a bit more difficult to remove. </p>
<p>Your pics didn't come through. I don't believe I have ever seen one like the one you described before. You should do an Instructable.</p><p>I know there use to be one that had a sort of split ring inside. The casing had holes in the sides and three pins were inserted to release the mechanism. One hole positioned the device, one locked the ring in place and the third expanded it. Pretty cool device, but they were super easy to remove with two finishing nails.</p>
<p>YOUR very first picture is the one I am describing. Did you not look at your own damn pictures? </p>
<p>Oh, sorry Lethaldose, I misunderstood your post. And you are <strong>not</strong> <strong>correct</strong>. The tag shown, in all pictures pictures above, <strong>is</strong> magnetically opened. The Pictures were taken in sequence and the tag was removed with that magnet shown. Just about all security tags are operated this way. Mechanically removed tags are probably still out there, but I haven't seen them in years. Only difference in tags these days are the shape, size, dye packs and the method of setting off the alarm. </p>
<p>not my picture, YOUR picture. </p>
<p>So I got a magnet from an old hard drive but it's not working? The magnet sticks so obviously there's metal in the tag but there's no clicking noise and the pin doesn't slide out. I tried stacking four magnets to make it a stronger magnet (is that even how magnets work?) and that didn't work either.</p>
Try moving it around over the magnet. Need to manipulate the mechanism. Some tags are finicky and it takes a minute of fiddling.
<p>Hey there, so I'm still trying after 2 days haha. Question: is the magnet supposed to strongly attract to the flat end or the pointy end? (Or both?)</p><p>In your guide your magnet is on the pointy end, and while my magnet does have some weak attraction to the pointy end, the attraction to the flat end is much much stronger.</p><p>Thank you for answering so quickly last time by the way!</p>
Pointy end. Move it around, don't just stick the magnet to it.
tried with a knickle size neodymium magnet and it was extremely rough, might have just been mine but it still tore my pants.
How did the magnet tear the pants? If done right the pin should should release and pull out with no effort.
<p>Didn't have strong magnet or dremel tool, but used fine tooth hacksaw blade to cut all around the plastic cone end of tag to expose pin and metal parts inside and easily pull apart. Must hold tag carefully not to put pressure on pin or base.</p>
Ok, you didn't read, you just looked at pictures. I covered the fact you can mutilate these off in step one.That is the reason for this Instructable. It is the alternative to using brute force, blunt force, cutting tools, prying devices, impact implements, opposing jaw fulcrum devices, and of course....fire. <br><br>The method I show here is non damaging to the garment and can be accomplished, usually, in a minute or less by anyone of any age or mechanical aptitude. It also works on tags with dye caps in them. <br><br>And I just noticed, over a half MILLION views! Holy Crap! <br>
So in theory you could open it with a mobile cell phone
<p>Uh.....no. You need a strong magnet. Unless your phone can stick to a refrigerator, it aint gonna hack it. :)</p>
I was thinking that the electro magnetic radiation might be strong enough
how did u take out the magnet from the hard drive
Had an old hard drive at old job. Policy there was to strip it down and destroy disc. So I salvaged the magnets.<br><br>Any strong magnet will work.
<p>Thank you sooo much, very helpful!</p><p>I literally just bought a cute shirt from kohls and the cashiere left the ink tag on. I was so sad cause I couldn't wear it. But now I can!!! </p><p>oh and btw will it leak if it doesn't work</p>
Shouldn't leak. The device they use to pop them off at the store is an electro magnet.
Literally so helpful!! I bought a fur jacket from khols and the lady forgot to take the tag off. Didnt think anything of it when i beeped because sometimes they do, but when i got home and put it on i saw it. Literally ripped it off because i didnt want to go back and ripped my damn jacket :/.. so now i know if it ever happens again, a magnet. Does it matter ehich magnet??
Any strong magnet will do. Neodymium magnets from a scrapped hard drive works well.
Omg I just bought a shirt and want to wear it . what hard drive are you using?
Any strong magnet will work. <br>
<p>OMFG you are so helpful this help me a lot because i bought a shirt and i was going to wear it and didn't feel like going back to kholes and so i looked up how to take off a security tag and this helped a lot thatks</p>
<p>Thanks!!! Fastest instructables ever... I knew it had to be electromagnetic and as soon as I saw your hard drive magnet... didn't even had to read the instructions. Saved myself a trip back to the store in this Xmas shopping season.</p>
You're welcome!<br>
<p>Way back when, in middle school, so like late 90s, I bought a purse at the mall, but they left the sensor on and it didn't beep as I left! So I lived 40 mins away and couldn't easily go back and no local store could or would take it off for me (even with my receipt in hand). So I took a hammer to it. Took awhile and left a mark on the bag (it was a cheap one at least). I wish I had had the internet and this article back then! Now I'm better at checking to make sure tags are taken off.</p>
<p>It has already happened to me a few times, but instead of going all the way back to the store I just hammer it once or twice and it will magically open (and get broken too).</p>
Be careful, some of them have dye caps inside that will make a mess.
This is nice to know. I had a check out clerk forget to remove my tags once. I had to drive all the way back to the store, walk the half mile to location in the mall, show the receipt.... I have so many of these magnets from hard drives, I can't believe I never thought to use them like this. Great information.
Same thing happened to me too. Thanks for this Instructables. No need to go back to the store next time.
Very interesting, my question is though, where did you friend buy this stuff from? www.this_stuff_was_not_shoplifted.com/legit?
Walmart actually. They were shorts for her son.
you should enter this in the april fools contest. sticking one of these on someone would be hillarious! (unless they have prior convictions!)
can't you read. The last line of this instructable just said : &quot; It is also not funny to slip a tag on your friends coat when you go to the mall...&quot; <br>Having people be in trouble with the law is not hilarious at all, it is mean.
I will, but will you vote for it?
WELL DONE! <br> <br>Sticking one on a friend's coat as a joke.....MWA-HA-HA-HA (evil laugh)!
Where was this ible 2 months ago when I needed it? Very clever.

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