Quickly Add Extra Flavour to Any Pasta





Introduction: Quickly Add Extra Flavour to Any Pasta

This is wildly simple, I don't know how common it is but while boiling up some pasta for dinner I thought it would be worth a go. 

It takes 30 seconds and can add great flavours to the pasta itself, making the end dish way nicer. 

If you use pepper like me your kitchen will smell amazing for the evening

Step 1: Throw Pasta in the Pan As Normal

As you normally would, there's nothing complicated to do here. 

Step 2: Add Condiments

I ground a load of pepper in to this one which was really good. 

You could use anything though: 

 - Herbs
 - Spices
 - Chilli peppers
 - Powerful sauces
 - Bay leaves would be very nice

Step 3: Boil As Normal

You might need to stir more often than usual because of the spices mixed in. 



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I always use salt, but never thought of adding other stuff! Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try this!

Is that Annies Pasta by any chance? Looks like it to me. Or the same type at least.

Tesco's bog standard conchigle, get it in a 5KG bag, then go with fusilli and so forth...

I rarely bother with fresh egg pasta unless it's reduced, same on noodles.

Though Asia supermarket has terrifying energy drinks beside noodle nests that are MAZIN. I've gotten distracted a bit here.

I am in the US, so they probably don't have it here. We get stuff called Annies that is virtually the same, but they have a rather crazy rabbit as the mascot.

You don't have Tesco as far as I know, massive supermarket chain.

It's pretty good pasta and it's four quid for eleven pounds of the stuff...

That would be the conchigle bit, the name of pasta shells, though it wouldn't be shocking to find out the same place makes them if they're a relatively cheap brand. There's a lot of that world wide, sometimes you pick something up and realise it's also something else.

You feel like you've caught some one giggling while drawing a moustache on your driving license... (Ok maybe not that, that's a pretty specific feeling)

I. What? Ok.

Yeah, international trade is interesting. Like watching ants fight.

Every tv cook says "season the water well" and then only adds salt !! I go with garlic and onion powders or a packaged taco or chili seasoning or whatever goes with what I'm making or my mood

Good plan, I find chilli flakes work really well, they soak in flavour and will stick to the pasta when draining, I imagine pepper, chilli and onion powder and a tomatoey sauce would work really well, so the pasta delivers a nice kick as you bite down...

I like to cook mine in half water half vegetable broth with a clove or two of garlic.