Quicksilver: A steampunk Aethersaber Instructable

Picture of Quicksilver: A steampunk Aethersaber Instructable
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After the popularity and praise the Broken Butterfly brought me I have finally gotten around to the bountiful requests to create an instructable, not merely a slideshow, on how I made the thing. Without further ado, I give you the Quicksilver: Aligned Particle Non-Newtonian Mercury Blade; another, steampunk Aethersaber.

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Step 1: Materials

Well I didn't really snap any pictures without the intent of having them for other steps. But here's a basic shopping list of the materials I used, and some of the tools


All these I found in my local hardware store
6 in x 3/4 in cut off riser
1/2 in flex hose adapter
1/2 in riser extension
3/4 in saddle joint
1/8 in plexiglass

I found these in my local electronic supply store
2025 battery holder
22 gauge  solid copper wire
22 gauge quick connectors
10 ohm resistor
7000 mcd white led
push button switch

And these were at a thrift store or laying around
silver wire
silver leaf

Soldering Iron
Coping Saw
Vice (I love the thing don't know how I ever got by without one. My first project using it and LOVE)
needle nose pliers with wire cutter
assorted files and rasps
power hand sander
power drill
x-acto knives
super glue
hot glue gun

Step 2: Building the Handle

Picture of Building the Handle
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1 (4).JPG
1 (5).JPG
Now this part isn't too difficult, not doing anything fancy yet. I punched a hole in the riser and fed the wire into it, just to hold it there. Then I just ran the wire up the threading of the riser. The only tricky bit was the collars where the riser was meant to be cut. I took my knives and cut out some notches for the wire to run through, and then I filled the larger gap beneath the collar by sliding on an O-ring. Once I got to the top, one more hole to anchor the wire and pull it tight.
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peyton1410 months ago

I made one like it! I need to make a sheath, then ill have a 'ible up!

bendog383 years ago
what do you suggest for the blade since I cant get my hands on plexiglass?
peyton14 bendog3810 months ago

Ask around! I got some plastic stuff from my tech teacher. maybe sheet metal if you can't find some, then have holes in the blade.

c j r p1 year ago
would it work with a torch instead of a hose piece
KappaHat3 years ago
Hey, ElusiveGreen! Here is my project that was inspired by your 'ible. Thanks for posting!
5 stars!!!!!!!!!
xd12c4 years ago
You can also get Liquid Electrical tape & seal each connection, helping to prevent shorts.
can you tell when its on durring the day, outside, or when the lights are on?
Needless to say it will work best in the dark. Inside with the lights on you can generally tell along the edges and especially near the tip, some of the etching lights but its faint. If you're somewhere bright, namely outside or sunny rooms you'll be out of luck: the drawback of using a single LED
if you used a few more leds would it be more visible?
It depends on how many you use, how bright each one is, how long the blade is, and how much detailing or etching you put on it. Like several LED's, on a short, plain blade, would be the brightest combination I imagine.
Spatula? Looks like an absinthe spoon to me... very fancy, I like the look.
GMer564 years ago
I just gathered up the materials for my aethersaber. Mine is going to have a hose leading from the base of the 'saber to a backpack boiler thingy to make it look a little more steampunkish. I can't wait to begin! I don't have money for Plexiglass, (all the materials are coming from our junkpile) so I'm using a coathanger and some blue thin transparent plastic (from an old cheap poncho).
ElusiveGreen (author)  GMer564 years ago
The backpack sounds good. If you do want to give plexi a shot, try asking if they have any scrap they can't resell. Because I can't afford plexiglass either XD , and thats how I got mine. I work in a home improvement store and when customers get plexi cut and don't want the scraps they would just get thrown out. You could also use the plastic fusing technique to get a thicker sheet. I've only seen it done with plastic bags, but It might work.
The plastic fusing technique is interesting, I may look into that (I wonder if you can use milkjugs... I may need something hotter than an iron though, maybe some thermite? lol), but the blue raincoat seems perfect, I'll post pics if I ever make it. Meh, nearest hardware store is 10 miles away (and I don't think they cut plexiglass), and the nearest home improvement store is over 40 miles away. I sometimes hate living in the middle nowhere, but at least the scenery is nice and when the apocalypse comes... B)
ElusiveGreen (author)  GMer564 years ago
I'd be torn. Sometimes it'd be nice to get away from it all and have some peace and quiet. If I had a cabin up in the mountains I'd be out hiking all the time, not on the computer lol
martzsam4 years ago
Just throwing this out there, but it would be waaay cooler with a red LED.
ElusiveGreen (author)  martzsam4 years ago
Well thats the beauty of it. You can use any LED. I chose white because I was going to call it Quicksilver. I plan on making one called Flamberge for my friend once he gets back from basic training, and I'll use red for that one.
That makes sense. This is an awesome instructable. You should be very proud of your work. Keep it up! Sam
or blue
or green
kcls louwhopley4 years ago
or purple
martzsam kcls4 years ago
or any other color that isn't white.
A black light? That would be waaaaay awesome. But do they make LEDs like that?
pneu6 martzsam4 years ago
Yes! they do, I have some and they are BEAST.
Or maybe throw a thin layer of UV reactive paint on the blade that looks clear under normal light, but use UV LEDs.
That would be epic
or Heliotrope, or Chartreuse!
jringling4 years ago
Very cool! This is going on my "to do" list... soon... Question: Why 1/8" plexi? I'd think that would be fragile... I'll probably try it with 1/4" plexi
Some times having material hanging around makes them useful even thou they are not the most recommended. But I agree smacking someone around with 1/8 could be a bit fragile, that what you meant right?? :P
ElusiveGreen (author)  wsanriv4 years ago
Well I guess thats the trick. I never planned on smacking someone around with this one. Even if you had a thicker piece of plexiglass, such as 1/4, as soon as you elongate the blade it will want to flex. It won't be good for say, a larp weapon, You see the same issue with metals. It has to be treated to be stiff, but that will inherently make it more brittle. The one I'm putting together for my girlfriend is 1/4 inch, and at about two and a half feet in length the blade bows under its own weight. You would need a stabilizer no matter what, unless you have a stiffer piece of plastic. Again I'm getting mine out of the scrap bin at work so it might not be the choice material. Some aspects won't vary terribly much though. I'll upload a picture of that one and add it to the final slide. not finished, but also a little different in design.
Yeah... I'm thinking the 1/8" might snap off easily... My only experience with plexi is 1/4" and it if flimsy at times...
ElusiveGreen (author)  jringling4 years ago
I said 1/8th because its what I had. XD 1/4 might be better but at the same time, it isn't constructed for impact, at least not yet. I am building another with a "full tang" if you will, but the longer the blade is the more it wants to flex.
It really depends on how are you going to handle it? Sure, 1/8'' plexiglass is a bit more fragile than 1/4'', but take my word: thicker piece of plexiglass = hard/slow/annoying to cut (for example, sawing thick pieced usually melts area getting sawed, so you have to go back and forth to get a clean cut).
wsanriv4 years ago
Some time ago while working with glass fibers we where doing somethings like this and if you hide the source of light, the effect in the sword edges will be a bit more dramatic. at least that is my thought.
3isles4 years ago
a really cool look could be from using LISA its an acrylic sheet. Its edges glow neon looks like its lit. check it out at this link Maybe you could get scraps or samples if you contacted them.
How much was the plexiglass at your local hardware store, mine sells 1/8 inch plexiglass for 40 bucks
ElusiveGreen (author)  imthatguy11254 years ago
Something you can do about that. Is keep an eye out for when they're cutting things. I work at a Lowes so its easier, but they will just throw away the scraps because they can't be sold. See if they'll let you grab a couple even if they're discounted its not like you need a whole sheet.
Ok cool thanks
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