Wine making can be a lot of fun and actually very easy. I do not really drink myself, but once or twice a year can not be too bad. You pretty much make wine the way you make bread (but without the oven. So it can not be that bad for you. Wine is a fruity delight that goes great with any home cooked meal from scratch.

Notice: Some places have restrictions on how much wine for personal use you can make. I think the rule of thumb at least was one hundred  gallons per adult living on the residence to a maximum of 200 gallons. We make only a few gallons and then maybe one every few years.

Step 1: What to Get.

The original way to make wine was to stomp the grapes and  use the liquid from that process. You can already get fruit juice in frozen concentrated and or juice in a bottle. So why reinvent the wheel. personally I like to use apple cider.

Per 2 litres or so.
2 litres apple cider.
1 teaspoon honey. ( Do not like to use sugar as it leaves more residue to filter out.)
1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon yeast per litre. ( i just use regular yeast. but wine making yeast will do a much better job.

Also need 1 balloon per bottle.

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