Introduction: Quieting a Choke!

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No you read it wrong! This is not Homer Simpson strangling Bart and not wanting anyone else to hear. The chokes are for electronic equipment! Whew! Glad I got that out of the way!

These 2 chokes are on the high current battery cables and they rattle whenever the load through them gets high. Sometimes the noise is quite loud!

Read on for how I silenced these boisterous chokes!

Step 1: Investigating.

Picture of Investigating.

These snap on chokes have an inherent air gap between the halves. If I squeeze them tight the noise stops!

Step 2: Moving Forward.

Picture of Moving Forward.

Plastic cable ties to the rescue!

Step 3: The Fix!

Picture of The Fix!

Firmly wrapped up, the chokes are much quieter and I'm much happier!


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