Quietly Deflate Balloons




Introduction: Quietly Deflate Balloons

Ever get tired of popping balloons? I don't know about you, but, it just seems there's no way to quietly dispose of balloons. So, out comes the pointy objects, and you just grimace and bear the loud pops.

Now we can live our lives with peace again! Stop popping those things! Quickly easily deflate 'em! Oh, and there's a bonus too, not only is it quick and easy, but, it's quiet too! Don't get me wrong, there are times that it's fun to pop the things. HOWEVER, I'm sure you've been cleaning up after a party, and wanted to just get rid of the things without the big fuss they make.

If that's so, read on! This technique is SO easy that you'll wonder why you didn't think of it before! Now you don't have to pop 'em unless you WANT them to pop!

Before continuing, I need to mention some things to save my butt from lawsuits.

Balloons are dangerous, chance of suffocation if caught in throat. Do not run with scissors. Air contains chemicals known in the state of California to cause cancer.

There, now that the legal mumbo-jumbo is done, let's get on with this!

Just think of how you would remove all the balloons in the video below...

Yeah, you're going to want something quick, easy, and quiet! So read on!

PS: for those wondering, "why not just untie them" Well, have you ever tried untying one? I don't know about you, but personally, I can be sitting there for minutes and not have the thing undone!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

-balloon (any kind, blown up)
-scissors (really any kind, at least use some GOOD scissors, those kiddy ones aren't worth a flip)
-two hands

Step 2: Pinch!

To start, place your index and middle finger around the throat of the balloon, above the knot, and squeeze.

Step 3: Pull!

Stretch out the neck of the balloon with your middle and index finger. Use your thumb and ring finger to hold the balloon back.

Step 4: Squeeze!

Press your thumb and ring finger together on the neck of the balloon, below the knot. Pinch shut.

Step 5: Cut!

Pick up the scissors with your free hand and cut just below the knot.

Step 6: Release!

Just let go! If you're careful enough, you'll want to set your scissors down and hold the balloon to keep it from flying away.

Step 7: Chunk It!

Now that you've got a nicely deflated balloon (which you can probably still use for something) just throw it away!

One tip is to not fully cut through the neck of the balloon. This keeps it in one piece, which equals less cleanup work.



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    you could also use a sharp object to puncture the balloon at the top where the balloon is a bit 'fatter' so the balloon just deflates instead of explodonating

    i like to shoot them with my crossbow.

    "Air contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer." Ha ha ha probably does.

    1 reply

    i laughed too hard at that part. I live in nevada, so we might get cancer from radiation anyways lol

    hi artsyphartcy! cn u email me @ my instructables email

    WOW Nice thinkin' dude(z) but u kno u can just use ur arm pit 2 hold it + stretch d neck+cut (flies around tho!+ great cheap hovercraft 4 little kids)

    that's cool. I've never used this method before. What I've always done was to put a piece of scotch tape on the baloon and pierce with a needle. It's slower, but kinda cool to watch the baloons dance...

    Why not just use a pin at the neck or any other non stretched part of the balloon. It won't pop, just deflate.

    1 reply

    True, but, that's also slow. The cool thing about this method is that the balloons don't take a minute or so to deflate, they're gone in just seconds!

    If you want to untie your balloons, you should tie them with a sort of slip-knot in the first place, so that untying them WON'T be hell. Note that most commercially-inflated balloons will probably have some sort of fastener/crimp that is easier to undo than a tied balloon neck.

    1 reply

    You're right of course, but, if you're preparing for a party, usually you go with the easiest thing, and just tie a simple overhand knot. If you do that, all hands are off for trying to untie the things! I can't comment on commercially inflated balloons, as I've never used them for parties or such... would be a lot easier the having to do all the huffing and puffing yourself! :D Heh, that and trying all those knots...

    ya, untying them is pretty rough... I've tried it before, but if you want to have any efficiency whatsoever, my suggestion is to read through the steps (which are really self explanatory if you look at the pictures.)

    If you can do that, I want to see it.

    Cause untying a lot of balloons would be hell.