Picture of Impromptu Finger Splint
What is a finger splint?  A finger splint is a medical devise that consists of a flat, padded, moldable, aluminum stick.  It is to be bent over and around a finger.  In order to keep the finger immobile.  Finger splints are used to treat a variety of injuries or conditions.  Such as arthritis, fractures, sprains, being jammed, etc.  Further more they come in different sizes and shapes, with or without a cold gel pack, etc.  Whatever your condition, there is a model for you.  But what do you do when you need a finger splint and you do not have one? 

The Story
I had just finished a visit with my chiropractor, he had adjusted my thumb.  I had developed Trigger Thumb, which is similar to Trigger Finger (when a finger will catch or lock in a bent position).  He said I should pick up a small finger splint to protect from re-injuring and a prolonged recovery.  The first aid kit, in the car, did not have a finger splint.  I really was not expecting it to, but I looked anyway.  I had tape, but what else could I use to immobilize the thumb?  I looked around my car to see what else I could use.  I had this, that and the other thing.  Then I saw what I could use... Here is my solution for a Impromptu Finger Splint

The intent of this instructable is to give you the knowledge to
1)  provide first aid with common on hand items.
2)  provide an alternative for a limited use medical devise,
3)  encourage you to engage in a Do It Yourself franchise and community.

2) Quick and
3) Durable.

Warning  I had already been to the doctor and he told how to wear a splint.  Remember to consult with your doctor as soon as you can.