Picture of Quill Me A Heart

Quilling is amazing...when I discovered it ...I went many design possibilities ...just with paper!

If you haven't got into quilling...I recommend you try will love it!

My first quilled project in Instructables was this it will show you all the basic shapes.

Try that and try out these cards too......I'm sure whoever you give it to will appreciate it as it can also be turned in to wall art!

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Step 1: Basic Shapes For This Tutorial

Picture of Basic Shapes For This Tutorial

Here I have shown the basic shapes needed for this tutorial :-)

Step 2: Petal Hearts!

Picture of Petal Hearts!
20140210_114630 (480x640).jpg
20140210_115807 (480x640).jpg
20140210_130100 (480x640).jpg
20140210_170858 (480x640).jpg

This is my favorite...but a bit time consuming in cutting the hearts :-)

Fold Cardboard in half and draw and cut template of heart. Keep the heart... you would need it for the next project.
Pin the outline template to your card or tape it down.

If you have 3-4 sizes of heart can use it to cut out various hearts and then fold them in two...making a petal shape.
If you don't have fuss! simply fold paper in half, draw your heart...then fold lengthwise so that you can cut about 4-5 hearts in one go.
When I find an easy way...I do it ;-) haha.

I had the smallest heart I used that and then using that as a guide I made templates of larger hearts to draw on the paper.

First fill in the largest petals. Place the largest heart petals in the shape of a flower...making sure the open flap goes in the same direction.
Now fill in with the second largest heart petal. Gradually move to the smallest heart petal.
While filling up make sure you take in the shape of the heart outline with the the petals being placed strategically :-)

Now fill up the gaps with petals formed in hearts and single petals . That's it!

Don't you just love this??

Which one are you going to try??

Izz179 months ago
The best greeting cards r da hand made ones .... Beautiful !
shazni (author)  Izz179 months ago

Thank you!!!

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shazni (author)  Shabzy9 months ago

hey thanks!

so cool and amazing
shazni (author)  madisonmcburney9 months ago

Thanks :-)

hunter9999 months ago

This looks awesome! Well done :-)

Voted also :D

shazni (author)  hunter9999 months ago

Thank you so much! The vote is appreciated :-)

hunter999 shazni9 months ago

No problemo! :-)

zhangscar9 months ago
I am a Chinese,I dreamed to have
some foreign friends.My

Super cute Shazni, Petal heart is perfection :). Thakn you for sharing.

shazni (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya9 months ago

Thanks! loved sharing ;-)

So cute! love the petal heart card the most! :)

shazni (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz9 months ago

Thanks! me too

antoniraj9 months ago

nice designs... you could try the first design in metal also

sunshiine9 months ago

This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing.


shazni (author)  sunshiine9 months ago

loved sharing :-)