Introduction: Quilled 3d Castle

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Hi all!I made a 3d quilled castle.It took me around 3 days to complete it.Be prepared with these materials before starting.

Materials Required:

Light blue:Quilling strips-400(approx)

Lavender Quilling strips-50(approx)

Brown quilling strips-10-20

Quilling needle

Thick sheet of min 150 gsm.

Acrylic colors

Step 1: Preparing the Base

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I took a 160 gsm art sheet and made a box structure .Then painted it with light blue acrylic color.Similar to this prepared 3 box structures by reducing the width and slightly increasing the height.

Step 2: Start the Quilling Work

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When the base is ready we can start filling them with quilling shapes.I filled it with quilled rectangular shape.To make this shape,first take a single quilling strip and make a loose coil.Pinch 4 sides to make it a rectangular shape and then glue it.Fill the bases with light blue quilled shapes and leave some space for adding doors and windows to it.

Step 3: Make Doors and Windows

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Take a brown quilling strip and make a loose coil.Make it into a semi circular shape and make the door(2 semi circular coil ).For windows the rectangular shapes can be added.

Step 4: Make Pillars

Picture of Make Pillars

Next step is making pillars.For this I took 3 quilling strips and rolled into a tight coil.Make number of coils such that we achieve the desired height.After that I took 3 lavender quilling strips and made it into a tight coil after that make into a dome shape .

Step 5: Making Pyramid Shape and Assembling

Picture of Making Pyramid Shape and Assembling

Make a pyramid shape using the art sheet and then I colored it using a dark violet acrylic color.Then assemble everything as shown in the picture and for the peak just add a small dome to it.Tada!!the quilled castle is ready!!

Step 6:


watchmeflyy (author)2016-06-17

Beautiful! :)

Akshmaaksh (author)watchmeflyy2016-06-17

Thanks a lot.

Karthikha (author)2016-06-16

Wow this is awesome!! Love the castle and great efforts you have put in!!

Akshmaaksh (author)Karthikha2016-06-17

Thank you akka.

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