Quilling has got into my blood again and so I thought to try another project. I searched instructables and found that a couple of quilling techniques were missing! how come?
Well I was happy! I finally have something NEW to teach you ;-D

I thought how best to display these techniques in an object that would display them perfectly also be useful. Hmmm... I thought and searched instructables. WHAT! No cake domes??? could this be? Well I was thrilled. haha.

These techniques I'm going to teach are pretty easy. If you already know it? Wonderful :-)

Step 1: Basic Materials

Basic Materials
Shredded paper - feel free to use all your recycled paper -( heavy weight paper is best for this)
White glue
Quilling paper strips or Colored paper of your choice for flowers and leaves and a hand shredder.
A pin / Needle or quilling tool
Basic regular hair comb

If you do not know the basic shapes of quilling and are a beginner, then I would advise you to first check this and this . Once you master those if you like something different then this instructable. :-)

Now to begin

Not nearly as beautiful as yours. I'm new to quilling. But functional none the less! I'm not crazy about the bronze, but it's what I had. I like the silk leaves. I lined mine with lace scraps. Should be big proof, if not exactly pretty :)
<p>This looks great! Thanks for uploading :-) You are the first to upload a picture . I'm so happy about it. As an appreciation I'm gifting you a 3 month pro membership :-) . Please check your inbox for the gift code. Activate it soon so that I don't give it away accidently to someone else</p>
*bug proof, that is.
<p>you are my quilling guru :) awesome, thumbs up n voted </p>
<p>Ah Thank you so much Zeyani!</p>
<p>WOW this is really nice! awesome finish- a job well done :) voted for all 3!</p>
<p>Thank you!!!!!</p>
<p>You have inspired me again and one day I will do this. I voted for all 3. I wish you the best!</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>Thanks Sunshiine :-) I'm trying real hard for the papercraft contest !</p><p>I've added one more </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Chocolates-Anyone/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Chocolates-Anyone/</a></p><p>let me know what you think! and would love your vote too :-)</p>
<p>This one is really really good also, voted.</p><p>sunshiine</p>
Keep up the good work ...!!! Creative n useful
<p>will try ...thanks ;-)</p>
<p>Looks like you've earned the master skill in paper quilling! awesome work shazni! love it and voted :)</p>
<p>Thanks! Need the vote for the paper craft contest too... so please come back ;-)</p>
<p>Voted for that too! :)</p>
<p>thanks :')</p>
<p>Wow you are so good at quilling!! I had no idea about some of those techniques. Beautiful job! :)</p>
<p>Thank you linda :-) . Actually there are a few more techniques...especially to do with a comb</p>
<p>You are doing great job! That's really nice.</p>
<p>thank you so much!! The papercraft tab has finally come;-)</p>
<p>This is really too nice.The way you do the comb quilling is some thing new. you are very creative.count my vote.Already voted for full spectrum laser contest.</p>
<p>thanks for your kind words....hope I can count on your vote for the papercraft contest too ;-)</p>
<p>OMG... May I please eat this, it looks so tempting :). Please make an edible version for me :).</p><p>I loved the petal within petal technique. This is really cool Shazni.</p>
<p>lol.. thanks! Let me see if I can come up with an edible version for a pie ;-)</p>

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