Picture of Quilled Paper Cake Dome - New Techniques
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Quilling has got into my blood again and so I thought to try another project. I searched instructables and found that a couple of quilling techniques were missing! how come?
Well I was happy! I finally have something NEW to teach you ;-D

I thought how best to display these techniques in an object that would display them perfectly also be useful. Hmmm... I thought and searched instructables. WHAT! No cake domes??? could this be? Well I was thrilled. haha.

These techniques I'm going to teach are pretty easy. If you already know it? Wonderful :-)

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Step 1: Basic Materials

Picture of Basic Materials

Basic Materials
Shredded paper - feel free to use all your recycled paper -( heavy weight paper is best for this)
White glue
Quilling paper strips or Colored paper of your choice for flowers and leaves and a hand shredder.
A pin / Needle or quilling tool
Basic regular hair comb

If you do not know the basic shapes of quilling and are a beginner, then I would advise you to first check this and this . Once you master those if you like something different then this instructable. :-)

Now to begin

anguevuberwald10 months ago
Not nearly as beautiful as yours. I'm new to quilling. But functional none the less! I'm not crazy about the bronze, but it's what I had. I like the silk leaves. I lined mine with lace scraps. Should be big proof, if not exactly pretty :)
14, 4:26 PM.jpg
shazni (author)  anguevuberwald10 months ago

This looks great! Thanks for uploading :-) You are the first to upload a picture . I'm so happy about it. As an appreciation I'm gifting you a 3 month pro membership :-) . Please check your inbox for the gift code. Activate it soon so that I don't give it away accidently to someone else

anguevuberwald10 months ago
*bug proof, that is.
zeyanimisbah11 months ago

you are my quilling guru :) awesome, thumbs up n voted

shazni (author)  zeyanimisbah11 months ago

Ah Thank you so much Zeyani!

busyamee197111 months ago

WOW this is really nice! awesome finish- a job well done :) voted for all 3!

shazni (author)  busyamee197111 months ago

Thank you!!!!!

sunshiine11 months ago

You have inspired me again and one day I will do this. I voted for all 3. I wish you the best!


shazni (author)  sunshiine11 months ago

Thanks Sunshiine :-) I'm trying real hard for the papercraft contest !

I've added one more

let me know what you think! and would love your vote too :-)

sunshiine shazni11 months ago

This one is really really good also, voted.


Izz1711 months ago
Keep up the good work ...!!! Creative n useful
shazni (author)  Izz1711 months ago

will try ...thanks ;-)

Looks like you've earned the master skill in paper quilling! awesome work shazni! love it and voted :)

shazni (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz11 months ago

Thanks! Need the vote for the paper craft contest too... so please come back ;-)

Voted for that too! :)

shazni (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz11 months ago

thanks :')

lindarose9211 months ago

Wow you are so good at quilling!! I had no idea about some of those techniques. Beautiful job! :)

shazni (author)  lindarose9211 months ago

Thank you linda :-) . Actually there are a few more techniques...especially to do with a comb

searchub11 months ago

You are doing great job! That's really nice.

shazni (author)  searchub11 months ago

thank you so much!! The papercraft tab has finally come;-)

xpat7311 months ago

This is really too nice.The way you do the comb quilling is some thing new. you are very creative.count my vote.Already voted for full spectrum laser contest.

shazni (author)  xpat7311 months ago

thanks for your kind words....hope I can count on your vote for the papercraft contest too ;-)

OMG... May I please eat this, it looks so tempting :). Please make an edible version for me :).

I loved the petal within petal technique. This is really cool Shazni.

shazni (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya11 months ago

lol.. thanks! Let me see if I can come up with an edible version for a pie ;-)