Quilled Floret and Ring Earring





Introduction: Quilled Floret and Ring Earring

Designing, craft, Jewelry is my Passion. I am posting here how to make beautiful spring flowers with Quilled Paper. Any design, Shape, color combination can be tried.

Materials Needed:
Quilling Paper (Any color)
Slotted quilling tool
Circle sizing Board or tool
two ear wires
two jumprings

Step 1: Material Required

Step 2: Quilling Tool

Insert end of the Quilling paper into the slot of the quilling tool. Then start rolling till the quilling paper is wound around the tool.

Step 3: Check the Size

Remove the rolled Quilling paper from the tool carefully and now place it over the circle template to see if the rolled quilled paper are of desired size.

Step 4: Circles

Do the same with other quilling paper till the number of circles required is enough and are of desired size. Carefully remove the rolled quilled paper from the template. Glue the open end shut. Pinch one end to make a petal shape.
Use the larger jump ring to hook on to one of the rolled quilled paper.

Step 5: Make the Flower

Glue the 5 petals together with the point side inside. Hold the pieces together for twenty seconds.Glue can make the paper soggy or warp your masterpiece. So use glue which is just enough for sticking the quilling paper. Let it Dry.

Step 6: Floret

To make into earrings you’ll need two ear wires and two jump rings.  Add the ear wires to the jump ring. The earring is ready.

Step 7: The Ring

To make the quilled ring earring make the bigger round with help of circle template. Then place the smaller rolled quilled rounds within. Different designs can be tried out :)



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    very pretty. Can you upload some more......... :]

    Can you make more figures? Thanks. The idea looks so easy and cool! :D

    1 reply

    Yes sure.. I have updated two more design.. Do check it out :) :)

    This is so cute... Great job. Looks adorable :)

    1 reply

    Maria, I love these! I like doing unique things with jewelry! Is there a specific glue that you used? I haven't figured out how to quill well enough yet but will try yours! :)

    1 reply

    Yes I used Fevicol. Thank you so much :)