Quilled Flower Pots





Introduction: Quilled Flower Pots

Now I made these about two years ago and I only have a pic. of the finished product but they are preety easy to make and so you shouldnt have any problems making one yourself.

Terra cotta pot (any size that you would like, I used the reg. size)
Acrylic craft paint of whatever color
Quilling paper
Quilling tool
Large and signiture paint brush

Okay Take your pot, making sure that it is clean, and paint it. I used a 2" brush ofr the outside and a signiture brush for the detalis. While it is drying using your imagination, make your flowers or whatever design you are going to do.( For those fo you who dont know what quilling is,its making things out of little strips of paper rolled into circles and shaped into what you want). Check your pot to see if it is dry and if you need to add another coat of paint you can do so now. Okay, arrange the quilling paper in the design that you want first BEFORE you glue it. Just to make sure that it will fit and all that stuff.... Now glue it. I used Elmer's liquid glue but you can use a glue gun. Once that is dry, you can varnish it to give it a nice shine and your done:)

What I made?
I made (designed) a flower pot

How did I make it?
I came up with the idea form something I saw in a store. My sister and friend from church helped me because we made alot  to sell.

Where did I make it?
I made it at home and church

What did I learn?
 I improved on my quilling skills and i learned how to make a "3D" flower.



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    I like this! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work! Have a splendorous day!