Picture of Quilled Monograms -Cheap, easy, no special equipment

Recently I have been greatly inspired by Yulia Brodskaya, an amazing paper quilling artist and I decided I would make some Monograms in her style of quilling. As I have never done quilling before, I didn't want to spend money on special quilling paper ( truth be told I couldn't find any at craft stores near me!) or a quilling tool. So I bought 10 different colours of card stock and cut them to size.

I had a couple pictures of Yulia's work, and I tried to make wavy patterns like she does on her stuff, but really It felt like doodling. Once I got how to work with the paper figured out, it took me half the time of the first one I did.

This is quite a fun relaxing craft and can feel quite zen like once you get the hang of it! I hope you enjoy my tutorial!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need :

- Round Toothpicks, I used about a dozen
- 10 sheets of different coloured paper ( I used card stock because that is what I could find in interesting colours)
- Paper cutter, or a ruler and exacto blade
- Elmer's Glue ( or tacky glue would be better but I used what I had)
- Computer and working printer
- 6-7 small weight things ( I used some paint containers and apoxie containers, and a package of sweet chili thai sauce... it was what was on hand...)
- Patience

thesagedragon10 months ago

I think I may use this in my local groups craft get together. I just ordered an awesome quilling kit, but I like the idea of wider strips, and I have a bunch of card stock and a paper cutter. I think I will get canvas boards to do these on. Your letters are so whimsical. like ocean waves. thanks for sharing this.

i love quilling i don't have quilling tool thanku very much

allgaul11 months ago

Very well done, pics and instructions on point!

DawneRod1 year ago

Just found quilling and loving it. Your tutorial was really good and answered questioned that I had and couldn't find answers for like the paper warping. Looking forward to more tutorials by you!

cturner202 years ago
I have never heard of quilling before. I have to say, I am impressed. This looks like a lot of fun! You did a great job, it turned out beautiful! I'm definitely going to give it a shot!
busyrn2 years ago
You did a beautiful job!! Wat size was the font you used?
dsherlock3 years ago
Do you mind if I use one of your photos of your amazing work along with a link to your instructable in a "where to go from here" step at the end of a beginner's Quilling instructable I have been trying to make for about nine months?
mezcraft (author)  dsherlock3 years ago
Go for it!
I have just stumbled upon this beautiful craft and would like to ask, what would you recommend using to "seal" the completed art? A spray lacquer or a clear acrylic perhaps?
mistyp3 years ago
This is beautiful, thank you very much for posting.
MicioGatta3 years ago
That's great. I've done, more or less 10 years ago, with the same style, a simple (a lot simpler) greating card with flowers, but it was broken after a while. Maybe too little glue. This is very handsome, congratulations!
mezcraft (author)  MicioGatta3 years ago
I have no idea about the longevity of this. I just used regular school glue. I guess time will tell!
heartart3 years ago
These are absolutely gorgeous! After I finish all my projects for clients...I'm going to try these!! I love letters for decorating...so this will be so fun. Thank you for such a great I-ible. : )
susanrm3 years ago
Quilling is so pretty. I saw this -ible posted by a friend's friend on her Facebook wall. Congrats!
aliciacar3 years ago
I love your creativity. It's so wonderful you are up there! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
Nice project, it's an entirely new one to me. Am I understanding correctly that you just glue the edge of the paper to the base paper, or is there some kind of support structure?
mezcraft (author)  Dream Dragon3 years ago
No support structure, just glue it down onto the paper. I think ( as this is my first project really with quilling) that you can make shapes with quilling without having a base to glue it onto, as long as you do it on a surface that glue won't adhere to. So basically I mean that if I had made what I did on say a piece of wax paper, and when it was dry I peeled off the wax paper, I think that the C would retain it's shape. The curly cues on the outside maybe not so much but the quilling contained in the letter probably would.
ebenboy0563 years ago
wow, very nice written on the wall,beautiful.i hope the cardboard stock and round toothpick did not cost much,i like it
mezcraft (author)  ebenboy0563 years ago
Toothpicks were from the dollar store - so 1$
If I had known from the beginning how little sheets of paper I would have needed I could have gotten away with buying 10 sheets of cardstock by themselves at 30 cents a pop that would bring me to 3.00. However because I thought I would need a lot for some reason I bought packages of assorted colours which cost me $8.00 total. So this was an extremely cheap costing craft. If you already have paper that are coloured all the way through ( not just printed on top so that will give you white edges instead of coloured..) It would be even cheaper, but my paper supply was low. However now I have a bunch of papers that I can do all sorts of stuff with!
jbissell3 years ago
Thanks so much for posting this instructable. I used to quill when I was young, and I think I'm missing it now! Also thanks for the link to Yulia's page, that is truly gorgeous work.
iOskr3 years ago
Excelent work... So creative and beautiful!!! thanks for sharing
ChrysN3 years ago
inquisitive3 years ago
Really quite lovely! I have always been fascinated by quilling and tend to doodle a great deal myself-I look forward to trying this out soon-I bet doing a portrait with a blown up photo behind a glass backing for template would be intriguing to play with and see what kind of abstract expression could come from it.
Thank you for the inspiration!
mezcraft (author)  inquisitive3 years ago
If you do that please share, I think that sounds like a great idea, and I would love to see it!
So beautiful! I've seen this before and thought it must be incredibly difficult! Maybe I'll just have to give it a try!
ilpug3 years ago
Simply amazing!