Step 6: Outside swirls and you are finished!

Picture of Outside swirls and you are finished!
I put a couple of swirls on the outside of the letter, continuing lines that existed on the inside of the letter. This is largely inspired by Yulia's work.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! I had a lot of fun making these and it really became a matter of becoming comfortable with the paper and then it was kind of like a little click! Suddenly it was very simple! I highly suggest this craft as it is really satisfying and quite easy. If you like doodling this is going to be fun for you!

Comments and Criticisms are welcome!
thesagedragon10 months ago

I think I may use this in my local groups craft get together. I just ordered an awesome quilling kit, but I like the idea of wider strips, and I have a bunch of card stock and a paper cutter. I think I will get canvas boards to do these on. Your letters are so whimsical. like ocean waves. thanks for sharing this.

dsherlock3 years ago
Do you mind if I use one of your photos of your amazing work along with a link to your instructable in a "where to go from here" step at the end of a beginner's Quilling instructable I have been trying to make for about nine months?
mezcraft (author)  dsherlock3 years ago
Go for it!
I have just stumbled upon this beautiful craft and would like to ask, what would you recommend using to "seal" the completed art? A spray lacquer or a clear acrylic perhaps?
heartart3 years ago
These are absolutely gorgeous! After I finish all my projects for clients...I'm going to try these!! I love letters for decorating...so this will be so fun. Thank you for such a great I-ible. : )