Picture of Quilled Paper Jewelry

So in an effort for mother's day gifts, I tried to make an assortment of paper jewelry for my mother (I know, i know, pretty cheap, but she still says she loves it when I make her things). While trying different things, I tried paper quilling. I really liked the look of the tight circles and the almost 70s look to the jewelry (which is her generation).

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

To do this project, you need a paper quilling tool (about 3 dollars at AC Moore), and paper quilling paper. Choose the paper according to your color scheme. If you like the jewelry, it may make a nice wedding party set for the bridesmaids, if they match the color scheme. You don't technically need the paper quilling tool, but it is slotted so it makes the process easier.

Cut the strips of paper according to how wide you want each section of the circle to be. Experiment to see what you like. If you are making earrings, this is the time to plan ahead and cut the strips to the same length for each earring.

Step 2: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started

Take you piece of paper and stick one end in the slot of your tool. Start turning the tool so that the paper wraps tightly in a circle. Try to keep the paper wrapping evenly over itself. Once you come to the end of the strip, put a tiny drop of glue on tip and roll it tight. Hold the paper tight for twenty seconds.

Step 3:

Picture of

Now pick you next color. Put a tiny drop of glue on the end and glue it to the outside of the circle you already made (try to match it to the end of the last strip to reduce holes in you circle). Repeat this process with as many colors as you like until you feel the circle looks good. Glue the last tip to the circle and hold for twenty seconds. Then gently pull the whole circle off the tool.

Step 4: Press It

Picture of Press It

I pressed each side of the circle a few times to make it as even as possible.

AnjanaK5 months ago

i have made it

thanks for the steps

boddhi15 (author)  AnjanaK5 months ago
Can u post a picture?
Aslamiya9 months ago

can u pls tell me wat can use for top coat oother products

pattysullivan9 months ago

Nice design, very 70's look.

boddhi15 (author)  pattysullivan9 months ago
I thought so too. They were a gift to my mother...a true product of the 70s.

I love these.

boddhi15 (author)  unicorncharlie9 months ago
Bhawya10 months ago

Omg! these looks very neat an gorgeous...

boddhi15 (author)  Bhawya10 months ago
HalcyV10 months ago
I love these!!! I've been really into making paper beads. Do you think I could use a tooth pick instead of the tool you used?
boddhi15 (author)  HalcyV10 months ago
Definitely. The only advantage to the tool is the slotted end.
KwartzKitten10 months ago

This is a wonderfully creative design. And I love how you used paper for the entire piece, including the ring! Did your mother like it?

boddhi15 (author)  KwartzKitten10 months ago
She did...and so (surprisingly) did my mother in law.
Did she? :D I sense another gift-making in your future, if not already.

I loved the designs, very creative :)

Beautiful, love the use of colour in the blue ones
boddhi15 (author)  emilyvanleemput10 months ago
Yeah, the blue is my favor so far. I'm going to try green next.
boddhi15 (author)  emilyvanleemput10 months ago
Thx, the colors can be cool
Huyifei10 months ago
So wonderful ! I love it !
boddhi15 (author)  Huyifei10 months ago