Hi Friends! Let's make something so easy, it takes more time to say the name than it does to make the craft. Today's tutorial is:

Quilled Paper Ombre Earrings

Step 1: Whatchur Gonna Need:

Earring Pads

Paper Quilling Tool

Ombre Quilling Paper

E-6000 adhesive glue

Glitter Mod Podge and something to apply it

(We used a toothpick)
<p>What a wonderful idea!! I have a family party at Christmas time, and give very small goodie bags to the girls and guys. I can't wait to make these!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration.</p>
good one..!!!
Thanks Shivani! <br> <br>&lt;3 <br>Alisha
Nice project. Looks good for my 12 year old.
good one..!!!
I love these!!
I found ombr&eacute; quilling paper here http://www.kandubeads.com/products/ombre-quilling-papers-professional-grade-1-8-3mm-multi-color-100-pieces-for-paper-spirals-or-paper-beads-or-traditional-paper-quilling <br> <br>I hope this helps!!
These are really beautiful!
Thank you Emily! <br> <br>&lt;3 <br>Alisha

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