Picture of Quilled Paper Ombre Earrings
Hi Friends! Let's make something so easy, it takes more time to say the name than it does to make the craft. Today's tutorial is:

Quilled Paper Ombre Earrings

Step 1: Whatchur Gonna Need:

Picture of Whatchur Gonna Need:
Earring Pads

Paper Quilling Tool

Ombre Quilling Paper

E-6000 adhesive glue

Glitter Mod Podge and something to apply it

(We used a toothpick)
cmentzell1 year ago

What a wonderful idea!! I have a family party at Christmas time, and give very small goodie bags to the girls and guys. I can't wait to make these!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration.

good one..!!!
alisha145 (author)  shivani-garg2 years ago
Thanks Shivani!

kbeads2 years ago
Nice project. Looks good for my 12 year old.
good one..!!!
djaffe12 years ago
I love these!!
djaffe12 years ago
I found ombré quilling paper here http://www.kandubeads.com/products/ombre-quilling-papers-professional-grade-1-8-3mm-multi-color-100-pieces-for-paper-spirals-or-paper-beads-or-traditional-paper-quilling

I hope this helps!!
These are really beautiful!
alisha145 (author)  emilyvanleemput2 years ago
Thank you Emily!