Quilled Wafer Paper Lady Cake




Introduction: Quilled Wafer Paper Lady Cake

Fondant cake with quilled edible wafer paper made as the hair, glued on to the fondant with a small amount of piping gel and face drawn on with an edible marker.



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    A totally different cake decoration! Dramatic!

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    Thanks there are so many things to do with edible wafer paper in the form of quilling for cakes.

    Yes I used three 8" by 2" each square cakes covered in fondant, used a edible marker to draw on the face, used wafer paper as my regular paper, quilled it just the same as regular paper used for quilling in what ever shapes you want, and begin to glue the pieces on to create the hair with piping gel.

    This is beautiful. What kind of tools do you use? Are the quilled shapes made exactly like paper?

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    Hi Parisusa, you would need a ruler to measure with, a edible marker to draw the face or what ever you want to draw with,your quiller and piping gel to use as your glue.

    Thank you

    Yes you would do everything just like a regular quilled project using paper, except you would use edible wafer paper. It comes in sheets just like printing paper and you just measure and cut to the size you need it to be, and quill or make what ever design you want.