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Introduction: Quilled Paper Pond

About: hi !! I m a college going student , interested in trying out all new things with paper . I love to make paper flowers , roses & bouquets :)

Hi guys!!...Here is an easy and inexpensive craft project.This is super cute and super fun.This is the first time i have attempted paper quilling and trust me guys its really easy.Be careful this can be addictive:P
If you are absolutely new to quilling you can learn the basics through many helpful youtube videos(though i have tried my best in explaining from the basics in this instructable).Here is one such video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5ICwEBsvZM
Happy Quilling.:D

Step 1: Materials That You'll Need

1) Cardboard or any thick material to form the base.
2) Quilling paper
3) Quilling tool
4) Scissors
5) Glue 
6) comb

Step 2: Making Water Ripples

To get the required texture we'll a comb for quilling.Start quilling such that the paper goes above one tooth of the comb and for the adjacent tooth the paper goes beneath it(see image 1).Continue this pattern for sufficient length(see image 2).Take the paper out of the comb (Be careful not to deform the pattern).Start rolling it with your fingers(Here you dont need to use the quilling tool,else u may deform the pattern)(see image 3).
The roll need not be tight (see image 4).Apply some glue at the end of the roll.Make many such rolls.(see image 5).

Step 3: Making the Flower

I used paper of length 15cm for making one petal.Place the paper in the tiny slot of the quilling tool(see image 1).Once you secure it in the slot properly,rotate the quilling tool(either in clockwise or counter-clockwise as per your comfort)(see image 2).If you are a beginner,i know this part is little tricky.Feel free to refer to the videos and practice.
Now start rolling and after you are done with rolling the paper , let it a bit loose.Put a dab of glue at the end of the paper and stick it firmly(see image 3).press the paper gently so that you'll get a tear-drop shape(see image 4).This will be a petal of the flower.Make 7-8 such petals(see image 5).
Cut a small circle out of paper and start pasting the petals in order to make a flower(see image 6).Now take another paper(of orange colour) and tightly coil it and at the end put some glue and ensure it is tight.Now paste it in the centre of the flower(see image 7).This makes the small flower.Now make 8 more petals and add another layer to the small flower(see image 8).

Step 4: Making Leaf

To make the leaf we'll begin with making the inner part of the leaf using a comb.The leaflets are such that they increase in size and gradually decrease.Make a loop around 8 teeth of the comb(see image 1) and make loops of bigger size with the starting point same as earlier loop(see image 2).After you are done making 6-7 loops,remove them from the comb(see image 3) and glue them together at the bottom point(see image 4).
To make the outer part of the leaf ,add glue to the outer parts of the leaflets and take a paper and paste it to circumscribe the leaflets(see image 5).Make 2-3 such leaves.

Step 5: Making the Boundary

This part is relatively much easier than the rest.Start rolling the paper with quilling tool as you have earlier for the petal(see image 1).After you are done rolling the paper let it a bit loose and put some glue at the end of the paper.(see image 2).Now press the paper gently as shown in image 3 to get diamond shape.Make many such shapes to form the oultine of the pond.(see image 4).

Step 6: Final Assembly!!

Now start pasting the water ripples on the cardboard and make the boundary . Paste the flowers and leaves that you have made.
You can add more details like the frog(see image) and grass that i have added.
FOR MAKING THE FROG :sorry guys! since its already done I cant upload the pics but i ll try giving u an overview of what i have done. You ll have to make 2 teardrop shapes for the legs,2 tight coils for the eyes (they have a diameter of about 0.7 cm).
For the lower part of the body, make a tight coil (of diameter around 1.7 cm). since this is a bigger coil,u cant make it with a single strip. so at the end of 1st strip paste the 2nd one and likewise u ll end up pasting around 9 -10 strips(roughly).once this is done apply glue at the end of the coil n secure it.now holding the coil,try pushing the inner part of the coil outwards so that it ll look like a flowerpot (kind of,see the frog pic so that u ll understand).
For the upper part of the body,make a tight coil like what u have already done for the lower part but this should have a diameter of 1.4cm (roughly ) . again make a flowerpot like shape but a smaller one. invert this flowerpot and paste it on the lower part.
For the feet,make 2 loose coils n squeeze them in such a way that u ll get that shape shown in the pic.
For the eyeballs, u can use a black marker n draw on it . Here in India, we put 'Bindis' i made use of those.
For the tongue , take a red color strip n curl it 
Now assemble all the parts of the frog as seen in the pic. :) Hope u ll enjoy making the frog :)
Happy crafting :)
Hope u guys liked it, if u did please vote for it in the contest !!

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    super wonderful idea! thank u so much ?

    Do you buy the paper in strips or cut it yourself? I looked at Michaels and hobby lobby...I can only find card stock that I cut myself. I think regular weight paper would be easier. Thanks! Very cool project! Barb

    1 reply

    I always cut the strips myself. This way you have full control and.....it's cheaper ;)

    Great tutorial ! I like the way you are making water ripples.

    useful,attractive and superb!

    wow ilove this and making with dunny . thanks for the craft

    wow ilove this and making with dunny . thanks for the craft

    wow..you are a celebrity here! great work...running short of adjectives :)

    1 reply

    thanks rohit :)

    can u give us instructions on how to do the cute frog on step 6?

    1 reply

    I just edited step6...u can check the instructions for making the frog

    thank u...u can check step no.6 now i gave the details for making the frog

    I never thought of crimpling paper with a comb! Thanks!
    Btw... You should add another step for the frog :-) it's really cute

    1 reply

    thank you :)

    1.)Omg...Soooo, totally AWESOME!!!!! 2.)Where in the world do you buy quilted paper?!?! ?? U

    1 reply

    thank u very much...i got the quilled paper from a local stationary store...u can easily find it in any art and craft supply store

    I'm going to start quilling ASAP ....