Introduction: Quilling Doll

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to make this quilling doll you will need:
3mm skin color quilling strips(40)
5 mm black color quilling strips (50)
2 red color paper( 23.5 x 17.5)
2 white paper(23.5 x 17.5)
1 golden color paper
quilping needle
some stones for decoration

Step 1: Face

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to make face of your doll take 10 skin strips. and make a circle as shown 1st image. then push it from inside and create shape as shown in 2nd take some glue and mix the same amount of water. apply this mixture inside that that it will fix in that shape.

Step 2:

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now again take same amount of strips and push it from inside.and create shape as shown in 2nd image.make sure that this would be littel deeper then the first apply misxture of glue and water inside to fix that shape.

Step 3: Face

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take both the shapes and fix them. u can use a same colored strip. apply glue (don't use mixture) on it. puth both sapes together and fix them.

Step 4: Neck

Picture of Neck

now take one 5 mm skin colored strip .make a ring as shown. it will be neck of your doll

Step 5: Body

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now take 20 to 25 skin color strips.make a push it from two opposite sides.create shape as shown in the 2nd image.apply mixture of water and glue inside.

Step 6:

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now take 20 or 25 black strips (5mm).make a ring as u did before. push ot from inside.make a shape as shown in image. apply mixture of glue and water inside.

Step 7:

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take a red color paper. cut it in shape as shown in 1st picture. now fix it on the black shape you created before.

Step 8:

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now fix body neck and face as shown in the picture. when you fix neck remember to stick black strip of 3 or 2 mm.u can cut it from your 5 mm strip.and also small red paper. it will be look like necklace of you doll.

Step 9: Clothing

Picture of Clothing

in this way base of clothing will be ready.

Step 10: Hair

Picture of Hair

first cut black strip in the shape shown in the picture. the glue it.

Step 11: Final Touch

Picture of Final Touch

apply red and golden paper. attach arms. golden paper will be in the opposite side of face. i have made mistake in picture. please note that.

Step 12: Decorations

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You can decorate with stones. and your doll is ready to rock...

Step 13:


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