Introduction: Quilling Dreamcatcher Without Almost Anything

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We had a 1/2 hour challenge at office. We had to make something arty from resources available in our file cabinet. Luckily I had some old quilling strips and a bottle of glue lying in my cabinet. I thought why not make a dreamcatcher. Later on I found out that it looks awesome on my desk. So let's make one.

Step 1: Materials

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As I told you just quilling strips and glue. Gluestick will also do.

Step 2: Outer Ring

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For making the outer ring I used my emergency water supply canister (simply a water bottle). Use the bottle to make a round quill. Use multiple strips to make it strong. Let the glue dry on the can itself to retain the shape. Make sure the strips don't get glued to the can.

Step 3: Inner Pattern

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Make a zigzag pattern (fan fold) with another strip. Glue it round and adjust it to fill into the outer ring. Glue it in place. You can make detailed zigzag pattern if you got time.

Step 4: Inner Ring

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Right now the pattern is very wobbly. Make the pattern stronger with an inner ring. Use a strip and adjust the circle by trial and error to make an inner ring. and glue it in place. Now the shape is pretty strong after the glue has dried.

Step 5: The Braid

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Make a braid out of 3 strips. You can use thinner strips. I had these broad strips so I used them only. Start braiding as you will braid a 3 strand string. Glue the ends and tear of extra.

Step 6: The Feathers

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Use 3 strips to make 3 feathers. I used basic quilling procedure to make leaf like structures.

Step 7: Everything Comes Together

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When everything is dry glue all the parts in place. Use your best imagination to do so. You can use more parts like 3 braids and more feathers and all. i had minimal time. I couldn't even glue the hanging thing in place. Just threaded it and used a board pin to hang it.

So here goes a dreamcatcher with quilling strips and glue.


seleniebeanie67 (author)2016-07-13

Your variegated paper is neat

I like making stuff from office trashola - it's the BEST!

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