Introduction: Quilling Hot Hot Air Balloon

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What do you do when you have leftover scrap paper?Do you throw it away or reuse it?Instead of throwing it away why don't you make strait thin strips of paper and roll it around a pencil and start quilling a hot air balloon.

You need:

At least 5 leftover scrap paper

Drippy glue

A blank piece of constitutions paper

A pencil


Step 1: Preperation

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Take your scissors and cut very thin strip of construction paper. The length needs to be at least 2 cm . Take a blank piece of construction paper and draw a hot air balloon with your pencil. Take your pencil and roll all those thin strips glue the tips and glue the bottom of it down.

Step 2: The Basket for the Balloon

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Take a long thin stip and make in a shape of a M or N and I shape.Glue that down. Than start to weave small pices of paper.when you are done glue it down.Than what for at least 15 min. and voila your hot air balloon is done.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-02-26

Great looking papercraft project. Good luck in the contest.

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