Quilling on a scrapbook layout is something a little different and adds a lot of dimension, texture and interest to your page.

Step 1: Quilling on a Scrapbook Layout

So, to start off with you will need:

  • Paper or cardstock to cut to 1/4inch.
  • Paper trimmer (or scissors if you can cut straight!)
  • Tacky glue.
  • A quilling tool**
  • A template or design idea.
  • And of course, a photo for your page :)

**If you don't have a quilling tool (like me!) you can use a cocktail stick, a paintbrush handle, craft tweezers (this is what I used) or anything else you can wrap the paper tightly around!

Step 2: Decide on Your Design.

Before you can cut your paper, you need to decide on the design you're going to quill.

I used a fairly open butterfly template, found very simply through a Google search.

Print out the image on normal copier paper and cut it out.

Tip!: Try to choose a design with some open space, this will allow you to experiment with your quilled shapes.

Step 3: Cut Your Paper!

The first step after gathering your paper or cardstock together is to cut it into the strips you need.

I used pieces of 12"x12" scrapbooking cardstock and cut strips of 1/4" wide.

Cardstock is good to use as it holds its shape well when curled.

Step 4: Watch the Video :)

Now you are all prepared!

You have your design and your paper all cut and ready to go. You also have all of your tools around you, so now play the video and I'll show you how I brought my page together!

To actually 'quill' the paper, I used my craft tweezers to hold the end of the strip and start to roll it carefully, then I'd take the tweezers off and roll the rest between my fingers.

Step 5: Spoiler Alert

This is actually the first time I have ever attempted quilling - and guess what? Anyone can give it a go!

It's super easy and remember its just paper! Have fun with it :)

I just did my first quilling projects last week, too. Great job with the butterfly! Pretty!
<p>I love the colors you chose for the butterfly!</p>

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