Picture of Quilted Apple Laptop Sleeve--on the Cheap!
The perfect accessory to my new 13" Macbook Pro-- a diamond-quilted laptop sleeve made from re-used materials.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
The materials needed for this project are:

1. Vinyl banner (truck tarp)
2. Soft material for padding (I used a blanket)
3. Lining material (I used corduroy)
4. Sewing machine
5. Time!

Step 2: Cut up the Blanket

Picture of Cut up the Blanket
The inside of the sleeve is padded to provide protection for your laptop.

I used four layers of blanket material and one layer of corduroy and diamond quilted it to ensure that there would be enough padding.

Cut the blanket into four equal sized rectangles that are big enough to wrap around your laptop with a few inches to spare. Cut the corduroy to the same size but with one side double long. This will be the inside lining of the flap. Stitch two seams down the middle where the spine of your laptop will go.

Step 3: Quilt the Padding!

Picture of Quilt the Padding!
Quilting makes your padding look cool and it is quite easy to do.

Use a ruler and chalk to make lines that criss-cross on your padded section about 3 or 4 inches apart and that intersect to form diamonds. Do this on both sides of the padded part of your laptop sleeve.

Then, sew along the lines that you drew being careful not to let the fabric bunch up.

When you have quilted both sides, fold the whole thing in half and put your laptop in it to see how it fits. Mark where the sides should be and sew up the sides, (through all 10 layers of fabric) making sure to backstitch when you start and finish. (This was the hardest part for my sewing machine to handle--it broke several heavy-duty needles !)

Cut the excess off the sides, leaving about a 1/4 inch.
Really nice, maybe we can make it better by taking care of details, but at least this is a nice bag with the capabilty to keep awai wather from the equipment (y)