Step 5: Finish Attaching Binding

Pin this next side, and continue on sewing and folding at corners. Finish by folding down binding at a 45-degree angle and overlapping as shown.
<p>I really want to print a copy of these instructions but none of the links work...and I can't afford to pay a minimum of $27 to get them. The idea is terrific and it will be my first sewing project. Any suggestions how I can get the pdf and the info in the two links that no longer work. This is so cute!!</p>
Very Clever Idea I love it ! I am going to make a bunch of these to have on hand and for gifts. Great site!
Hey, I see its a long time since this was posted, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. I don't understand how to do the edges.. Any helpful hints or explanatory pictures. Its not so much the folding over etc, its more where do you sew to be able to flip it over, and sew it all together after attaching the binding to the front piece.. If that makes any sense..? Thanks!
Oops, somehow I didn't see this comment um... three years ago. I'm sure you're no longer working on the potholder. I apologize I didn't get back to you!
You know what, I managed! ;) But thanks for getting back to me! x
LOL yes... you know... many years later. :-)
I have made two using these marvelous instructions, and they have turned out very well (see http://www.flickr.com/photos/jhugart/sets/72157629974678401/ for pictures). These are my first-ever quilt-like fabric projects <br> <br>I used the French binding technique, though those instructions had some ambiguity in them, which I've mostly resolved by now. <br> <br>The other change I made was to make the loop and sew it to the sandwich after I've machine-sewed the binding to the face of the potholder. Then when I hand-stitched the binding on the back (a friend sent me a link to some instructions on doing a hidden stitch for that, which I've since lost!), I just stitch to the loop as I would the back of the potholder. It feels more secure to me. <br> <br>On the whole, these are excellent instructions, and even a novice like me can make something wonderful as a result. Thank you for the effort you put into this! <br> <br>Jacob <br>
Hi Jacob! I'm so happy these instructions worked for you. I have since advanced quite a bit in sewing (kelly.hogaboom.org/homesewn) and I'm sure my novice-level skill shows a bit in these instructions. Glad this instructable helped you.
Kelly, these are great! I've never quilted anything before, but MIL is always giving me potholders and towels for my kitchen (because I'm so pathetic that I don't have anything matching)...well, she just got a new countetop, and this calls for some celebration in the form of custom-quilted potholders! Merry Christmas to MIL! Thank YOU, kelly!
Awesome instructable! Sewing small projects like this will keep my sewing skills sharp since I only really do (fixing minor holes in clothing doesn't count since it only takes 30 seconds) it once or twice a year... Now where did I put my scraps bag...?
Looks great - have you tried French Fold binding? I find it much easier.
Great idea! For those who'd like to se ewhat NHquilter is talking about, visit <a rel="nofollow" href="http://hartcottagequilts.com/binding">this link</a> on finishing quilts.<br/>
I love this! I'm a beginner with sewing, but I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks!
I'm glad you like it. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. I sew every day - I just love it.
I like that you mentioned one can use 3 layers of old towels/etc. This is a common thing to make, but in this generation, I'm glad you told everyone so we all can have handmade, durable potholders. In a color of our choosing, not only what is selling at the store. And yeah, perfect gift giving for a cook, but i like making the mitt styles too. Can fill them with little cooking gifts. Very well photographed and explained. Thanks!
Very nice!! Can you say christmas gifts...
Nice. Thanks for the detail! My store-bought potholders are pretty shreddded- now I can make my own!

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