When the iPad first came out, the cover options were pretty weak.  The official Apple case was nice because it was thin and bent so you could prop up the screen.  I usually make zipper cases for devices, but for the iPad it seemed preferable to have a case that could stay on while you're using it.   I was inspired by the Gigabyte Roll Pad that I use for my laptop to create this quilted case.  It opens like a book to hold in one hand, or rolls open to prop up your iPad so you have a good viewing angle.

I tend to be a pretty reckless sewer, so I've factored in a lot of wiggle room.  You could use more acrylic rods to thicken the roll and velcro is just one idea for the clasp.  I've ripped out plenty of seams and redone them with no adverse affects on the final product.  Have an iron on hand to keep things straight between steps.  

Step 1: Supplies


I cut out all pieces much larger than the final dimensions. That way if the fabric shifts during construction, you have plenty of margin for error and can square it back up before binding.

* Outer fabric: 21" x 11.5"
* Lining fabric: 21" x 11.5"
* Batting: 21" x 11.5"
* Interfacing: 21" x 11.5"
   You can use fusible or non-fusible interfacing
* Plenty of thread


The harness keeps your iPad in place with elastic bands.  I use webbing so the elastic is secured to something a bit more rugged than cotton fabric.

* Interfacing or other thick, stiff fabric:  9.5" x 7.5"  
   I had to cut mine a little narrow because I only had a scrap left.  That's ok.
* 1 inch webbing: 2 x 9.5", 2 x 5.5"
* 1/2 inch braided elastic:  approximately 0.75 yards


* 14 (or a few more) 1/8-inch acrylic rods
* Binding fabric to match the outside of the case (or something complementary):  binding should measure 4" x 70" (err on the side of longer)
* Velcro or another closing mechanism of your liking (not pictured)

* Sewing machine (I use a quilting foot, but it's not necessary)
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Straight pins
* Iron
* Sewing needle
* iPad
* (optional) Rotary cutter
* (optional) Rotary mat
* (optional) Masking tape

<p>Very clever and very nicely done! Also, a nice clear Instructable.</p>
<p>Great tutorial! What size are acrylic rods and where did you get them? thanks </p>
I like it so much!
i love this case! im gonna try and do this for my kindle!
Could you use chopsticks instead of the acrylic sticks?
I LOVE this case, I like that you don't have to take it in and out to use it! Definitely one of the best I've seen. I think I'm gonna try it!<br>
I love this design! it has to be the most brilliant and beautiful one out there! I have a Zagg skin, but I still need a little more, this will be a fun project.
Thanks! I'd love to see a pic of yours when you finish it!
Steve definitively took this concept for ipad 2
I find this project fabulous. I wonder though, why the rods would be needed at all...if the padding were thick enough...wouldn't the cover roll upon itself and roll nicely anyways? Think rolling up a thick blanket ....would the rods even be necessary IF the padding were thick enough? <br><br>I want to try this for my iPad...and wonder if you tried this case w/o rods.
I haven't tried it without rods. They are mainly adding some bulk so that when you roll it up, you get a good angle on the iPad. I think using thick padding could work as long as it wasn't prone to coming unrolled. Let me know how it turns out!
I will! I can imaine old blankets, even sewn in multiple layers could do the same trick. Or towels...anything with a texture to catch and hold the roll tight. Heck, even a pretty throw rug would work. I think there could be many variations on the idea. You inspired me greatly this morning!!! Thanks!
Oh , I forgot to say....an old 100% wool blanket washed, and felted could be excellant for this without using any rods. I just wonder what the rods do for this.
I'm not familiar with those acrylic rods. Where do you buy them?
I first found them in a craft &amp; hobby shop, but have been ordering them online since: http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/pls/pls90292.htm
This is great! I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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