The four patch block is one of the simplest pieced quilt blocks.  It is made by sewing 4 squares the same size together to make a larger square.  Four patch blocks can be made using 2, 3 or 4 different fabrics depending on the effect you are after.

The 4 patch block is a good starting place to make sure your 1/4" seams really are 1/4" and to get to grips with learning to align seams where they meet.  In this instructable I also show how to press your seams in opposite directions so you don't get a big lump when you sew the sections of the block together.

Step 1: Requirements

4 squares of cotton fabric the same size

sewing machine

or needle and thread if you hand piece (i.e. no sewing machine)

Ironing board

Rotary cutter (not absolutely necessary, but makes cutting squares much faster)

My sewing instructions will all be for machine piecing, but the basic idea, cutting, pressing and layout are the same for hand piecing.

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