Picture of Quintessential Way to Knot Your Thread When Sewing
Simple thing, right? Thread your needle and then put a knot at the end.

I looooove to sew - absolutely dreaded to HAND sew because I always had trouble with where my knot would end up.

My fellow sewers feel me. I'd try to tie off my thread by looping it around the very end of the length, on my fingertips, pushing that little knot down tight as near to the end of my thread as I could get. And woe-was-me if I was sewing with a single strand and had to try to tie a double knot. Getting that second knot to lie right on the first was always a struggle. UGH!

So, here's an Instructable about a trick that saved my sanity and opened up a new world (I could have never started to do Hawaiian quilting, which is all handsewn, without it) of enjoyment.

Step 1: Step 1

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First, Thread your needle. Now!:

Hold an end of the thread between your index finger and the needle, near the sharp end.
mateosbaby5 years ago
I must be missing something...  The thread just slides to the end and off it comes.  No knot at all.  And I'm getting frustrated.  I am just learning to sew, but if I can't knot, then what's the use?
Don't give up. Hold needle over thread in left hand amd wrap the long end eith the right hand. I finally got
LindyGirlThay (author)  mateosbaby5 years ago
Don't give up!  Sewing is a not only useful task, with a little practise, it can become a stress-relieving art form (no, really!).

A point to check: Make sure the thread that you've wound around the needle isn't unwinding before it gets pulled the entire length. Leave a little extra thread tail during Step 1, so that you can see it hanging out once you've moved the wound section from the finger of one hand to in between the fingers of the other, in Step 3.

Did that help?
nikolaou4 years ago
cool it worked.

Maureclaire6 years ago
This is actually a French knot... the only knots I tie ! LOL
hay_jumper7 years ago
I actually thought about posting an instructable about this same thing. I wrap the thread three times around my index finger, and using my thumb, roll the thread off. It's not always pretty, but it gets the job done. Nice work, btw!
That's what my mum does too. Me, I just carefully tie a little knot.
miss oclock7 years ago
I also find knotting thread to be a pain in my bum. I'm a lifelong sewer but have never seen this. It works perfectly! Thanks for sharing.
gdshardy7 years ago
Girl, you ROCK! That's the easiest trick I ever saw with needle & thread! Thanks for the tip.
Awesome! Usually I make a lot of string to be at the end, and I just tie the knot and then cut it. :P
LindyGirlThay (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Mee too, and I'd feel bad for wasting all that thread I was cutting off. Plus, I hated making the knot so much, I would actually cut off an extra long piece of thread (longer thread = less times I had to make a $@#& knot), so I'd end up spending more time and energy pulling all that thread through on each stitch.

Learning this technique absolutely changed the way I looked at hand-sewing 180 degrees.