We have a mountain of bamboo growing at the side of our garden. We like to keep it there to stop nosy teenagers peeking over the fence from the climbing frame over the park next to our house. Having cut a load back, I decided to put it to good use. Now we are starting to grow runner beans, we needed a trellis to support them(when did I get so old! I'm only 31!lol). I like my things a little quirky so no proper measurements are used. Although, if you like things spot on then this.guide is still good for you.

Step 1: Stripping and Cutting the Bamboo

cut the bamboo down and strip off the casing by hand. I left this for a few days next to my house before stripping it as it comes off easier. I picked out bamboo of similar thickness. When cutting to size, I approximated the length I'd need and put the bottoms all level and chopped at the same size about halfway up. If you're fussy, then measure away.

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