Picture of Quix Shower Curtain Fix
Is your shower curtain sagging?  Is your floor sopping wet? Sure you can fix your shower curtain with scotch tape.  But, here is a minimalist suggestion for a quick shower curtain fix.  With only 1 tool and 3-5 minutes of work time, you really can not go wrong. 

Tape Method
Over time the tape loses its adhesiveness.  The bathroom environment does not lend well to the tape approach.  Steam will work its way under the tape, once that happens the original issue, the rip, has not been dealt with effectively.  My option saves using tape and will give you an extra hole to hold the curtain.

The overarching issue is the shower/bath tub curtain rod is not solid, it is 2 rods.  The rings have to move over the lip where the 2 rods overlap, 1/2 the time they become hung up.  When that happens, people, unintentionally, pull down harder (instead of lifting up and over), adding more stress to the plastic to overcome the obstacle.  The benefit of this design is the extra weight of the user pulling down on the curtain is distributed over more of the plastic surface via the extra holes.  So change the behavior and spare the shower curtain or add extra holes to some of the loops.  This issue occurs the most with the 2 hanger holes at either end of the curtain.

The intent of this instructable is to
1)  provide an alternative to the premature replacement of the shower curtain,
2)  encourage you to engage in a Do It Yourself franchise and community.
Very very smart. Never would have thought to do that. :D
ezman (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you for your compliment. It was one of those WOW! moments.