Quiz Games are fun and they get even better when you've got the right equipment.

I needed some Game Buzzers for a birthday party but everything I could find was either too expensive or not versatile enough so I came up with these. Here's what features I needed my Buzzers to have so you can decide whether they can suit your case too:

  • easy to make (basic soldering skills, standard tools)
  • cheap and readily available components (everything in there is standard stuff)
  • scalable (1 Buzzer? 2 Groups? 5 Teams? doesn't matter)
  • universal (15 Addressable RGB LEDs for team-colors and animations)
  • I²C capable (Hook up all Buzzers to a single BUS-Line)
  • re-programmable (ICSP Port on the bottom for quick software updates)

Here we go...

Step 1: What You Need

Material for one Buzzer

  • 1 WS2812b RGB LED Strip with 15 LEDs (cut to 14 + 1)
  • 1 Atmel ATTiny85 µController (SOIC SMD if you want to use the provided board layout or PDIP package if you go for the no-PCB-Frankenstein version)
  • 1 Electrolytic Capacitor 100µF/16V or equal (just for smoothing the power line)
  • 2 Resistors: 1x 150Ω, 1x 10kΩ
  • 1 6pin Encased Header (ICSP)
  • 1 Etched PCB (or equivalent circuit setup)
  • 3 Momentary Switch 8x8mm (NC, normally closed)
  • 2 10cm Strip of flat ribbon data cable (3 pole)
  • 1 20cm single pole wire (I used some leftover strands from the ribbon cable)
  • 1 translucent plastic hemisphere (10cm diameter)(I got mine from a wedding supply store)
  • 1 3mm plastic disk (10cm diameter)(preferably flexible and easy to cut e.g. guttagliss hobbycolor, you can also use plywood)
  • 1 2cm piece of plastic conduit (1cmx1cm) or equivalent piece of plastic
  • 1 piece of cable for connecting the Buzzer (4 pole)(I recommend LIYY 4x0,14mm² as it's thin and flexible)


  • Hot Glue (tons of Hot Glue)
  • Soldering Iron / Solder / Flux
  • Cutter / Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Electric Drill and drill bits (10mm, 3mm)
  • Handsaw
<p>This looks awesome! Great instructable :)</p>

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