Introduction: Quote Necklace

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For this necklace, you'll need chain, pliers, A LOT of wire, and a quote.

Step 1:

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First you write down how you want it to look. Keep in mind that it all has to be connected.

Step 2:

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Next shape each line with pliers. Think about how the pen would flow in normal cursive.

Step 3:

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Attach each line together with chains, and you're done!


Curated Quotes (author)2014-11-29

Very cool. Would love to feature these on my site...

alannaerm (author)Curated Quotes2014-12-01

go ahead! what's your site?

Curated Quotes (author)alannaerm2014-12-01

Cool... I'll work on it!

jessyratfink (author)2014-07-21

I love this idea! It's very pretty :D

alannaerm (author)jessyratfink2014-07-24

thank you!

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