R.O.S. Shotgun (Rolling on Shotgun)





Introduction: R.O.S. Shotgun (Rolling on Shotgun)

How to build a simple knex shotgun.

Step 1: Beggining

Add 7 grey with 2 blue. like this.

Step 2: Step Two

Add 7 double connecters with one circle one.Like the picture.

Step 3: Step 3

Follow the picture for this step.

Step 4: Step Four

Again follow the pic.

Step 5: Step Five Ohh Yea!!!

You know the drill.

Step 6: Another Step

once agin

Step 7: Seven


Step 8: 8




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    I'm so glad Instructables only lets people 13 and up join...

    you're new to ibles and knexing, arent you.

    yei dont think im new to ibles but im definetly new to knexing

    yeah... you don't know a thing about it. this is actually WORSE than most of the other block trigger guns. one of the knexing gods of both ibles and KI made a list of all the block trigger guns that he could find. they're all almost exactly the same with just about the only variation being how bad they are. https://www.instructables.com/community/block-trigger-knex-gun-list/

    lol this is indeed a sh1t gun (it realy realy realy realy realy sucks) and the baddest part about it its not a freakin shot gun! no pump no shell that holds bullets or nothing and dont say its a shotgun cuz u can put multiple bullets in it cuz u can do that with about almost any knex gun

    5 replies

    very true man it doesnt have a pump or anything and stop making these crap shoot of things tht u make in like 2 minutes thts not an instructable its a poopable(srry for lame comback)

    There's such thing as break/bolt-action and semi-shotguns btw.

    poopable sounds like a novelty toilet paper to me or something

    how about this insucktable

    whats the thing in the back for? is it a handle or a reaaaaaly flimsy short stock?

    1 reply

    Its a combination of the two! A really flimsy handle. It's better off without it.

    I just finished my carbine and will post pitcures and maybe an instructable before i scrap it

    lol drums in background

    i didnt say it was bad i was just wondering wot he ment by rolling on

    this is just single shot wot did u mean by rolling on

    ummm were is the shotgun part in this cuz all i see is a lame gun

    1 reply

    THE LIST!!!