Introduction: R2-D2 Cover for DoDoCase Build Night

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If you need help assembling the Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer from DoDoCase VR, you can check out this great Instructable on the topic:

We've had a great time showing off the Virtual Reality Viewer that we got by participating in Instructables Build Night with DoDoCase. I couldn't help but think the smartphone's camera sticking out of the side of the viewer looked something like a robot. So, I started thinking about classic robots that didn't have symmetrical optical sensors, and immediately thought of our dear friend R2-D2.

Step 1: Supplies: What You'll Need

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An assembled DoDoCase Virtual Reality Viewer

The R2-D2 cover teamplate from this step

Scissors (not pictured hehe)

A glue stick

Step 2: Assemble the Awesome

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Print the template from the previous step (I used cardstock, but that isn't necessary)

Cut around the black rectangle

Cut out the space labeled "Cut Out"

Use a glue stick or some other adhesive to stick the printed template to the viewer

Have fun showing off!


wilgubeast (author)2014-11-10

Will it bleep and bloop like the sassy droid after which it was modeled? If not, will you be making the noises?

Bleeps and bloops do have to be supplied by the wearer, but once you get this template attached to your case, the inspiration just appears =D

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