The R2D2 beverage dispenser

Our motivation for this project came from our group’s communal love for arguably the best series known to mankind, Star Wars.  When we first brainstormed the idea, we didn’t know what we wanted to do, we just knew that it would have a Star Wars theme somehow incorporated. When we found the electronic super soaker pistol, we knew that it was the perfect toy to modify. We were able to break apart its pieces to adjust the water valve it utilized to create a beverage dispenser. We were able to upscale an old protein shake, some Styrofoam pieces, and cardboard to create the body of our favorite droid, R2D2.  Overall our creation is a DIY novelty item that any fanboy or fangirl can incorporate into their everyday life.

Team members:
Matt Fuchs
Jessica Garcia
Zach Hyder


Difficulty: Medium

Skills Required:
Basic sawing and cutting
Dremel use and drilling (all our drilling was done with dremel tool)

Step 1: Materials Required

Tools Needed:
Soldering Iron
Dremel Tool
Spray Paints (Silver, Blue metallic, White primer)
Saw & Miter box
Exacto / Box Cutter / Scissors
Sand Paper

Protein powder bottle (approximately 10" diameter)
10" Styrofoam hemisphere
Blue masking tape
Electronic super soaker (motor required)
Plastic epoxy
AA Battery pack
Water bottle (a little shorter then the height of the protein powder bottle)
Momentary push button
Foam plate (roughly 1" thick)
1/4" vinyl hose x 10"
3/8" vinyl hose x 10"
Nylon nuts & bolts & washers (1.25" x 1/4x20)
22 Gauge red and black wire
10mm Blue LED
200 OHM Resistor (1/2 watt)

Well, now we know for sure the R2D2 is a boy. Seriously though, great idea but you should have put the straw out somewhere near the top so it doesn't look like boy parts.
jajaja parece que hiciera pipi es muy divertido,da igual,quiero hacer uno ya!! felicitaciones por el proyecto es excelente!!
I agree with nerocon .. droids have no biological needs. I love this idea! Plan to build it for my upcoming Star Wars Movie Marathon party!!
Are the materials used "food safe", how do you wash it when that is needed?
I don't want to insult you or anything.. But didn't you notice yourself it totally looks like he is peeing in the cup?
Yes, first thing that comes to mind,
I disagree, I think that since R2 is an android he has no biological need to dispense waste and this is merely another of his awesome extensions like his saw, or computer interface. We know from the movies he can serve drinks, why not dispense as well. The fact you feel like its "peeing" is your brain auto anthropomorphizing, Its no more "peeing" then a keg and tap, or a soda can is.
I second MoustacheCat's inquiry. It's a little disturbing he's "peeing" blue Gatorade. I feel like this is a Family Guy product. I love the idea of it, though. I think I might mod a regular beverage dispenser with an R2D2 paintjob.
Different strokes for different folks - at least it wasn't lemonade. I'm going to make a few of these for my sons birthday party - His friends with love it!
We love drinking out of R2D2! We hope you will too! Let us know if you need any help or further directions :)
Sir, are you aware that you’re leaking coolant at an alarming rate?

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