Step 6: Assembling R2D2

Picture of Assembling R2D2
Front leg.jpg
Now its time to assemble the R2D2 the first step is to put the water bottle and all the electronics safely inside the body of R2D2. The first thing to install is the pumps tube in the front bottom of R2D2. The next step is to attach the button to the side of the R2D2 (if using the hex nut that comes with the button, you will need to soder the wires with the hex nut already threaded through). An alternative is to make a slightly bigger hole and just epoxy the button in place. Next apply a thin layer of epoxy surrounding the base of the LED and then push the LED through the hole in the front top section of the body, hold in place for a few moments to ensure proper placement and let cure. Examples are shown on the first picture.

Next you glue the middle leg onto the bottom of the main body. Apply epoxy to the circular edge of the leg and hold firmly for two minutes on the body. Steps are shown in the second picture.

Next take the arms and drill a hole near the top section of the arm. Then you need to drill a hole on both sides of the body, make sure to take the time to accurately mark where the legs should be placed on the body. Finally add a nut and bolt to secure the arms in place. We used 1.5” nylon bolts with nylon washers and nylon hex nuts (use what you have its not specific or critical just decorative). Steps are shown in the third picture.

The Final step is the easiest, just put R2D2’s head onto the body. Make sure to have the head fit on the filling tube. Now all you got to do is fill up the bottle with your favorite beverage. Place a glass under the nozzle and press the button.  Watch as your favorite beverage is poured for you by your favorite Star Wars character R2D2!!