This instructable is finally complete with the now missing steps.  The Dome and torso section coverage were a little sketchy the first time around as one of my SD cards went missing.  It was since found when tearing out some floor molding in the kitchen.  Geez, why do I never look in the obvious places... So now their is no excuse to build one of these.  While your at it, load up on some Star Wars Vader's Dark Side Roast Coffee from ThinkGeek and this project will be complete

Star Wars, Love it or hate it.   One thing you can’t deny is the universal love and identification of one of its side characters R2D2, the little astromech droid who could.   Only now, he even better… cause he makes me coffee.  Of course anyone who makes me coffee goes up a few notches, so why not have a world renowned icon make it for you.  And for the tea drinkers, well… I guess you could use it to brew tea, if you like that sort of thing, probably while you watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine… 
In my world, Darth Vader doesn’t go all soft in the end.  Instead of taking off Luke Skywalkers hand he takes off his head, the rebel alliance is quashed, ewoks are served up crispy fried on a stick and Darth takes R2D2 as his trophy trinket, turning him into his morning caffeine delivery device.  AKA R2D2 Dark Roast Edition.
Betcha Yoda didn’t see that coming, huh George Lucas

Thank you all who have posted all the great comments!  It was a great build!

So the whole concept behind this was to have a coffee maker that could be used to brew coffee quickly for larger dinner parties that we have from time to time.  A regular coffee pot is just too slow to brew pot after pot as its being emptied so quickly by caffeine crazed guests.  Enter the industrial BUNN type coffee maker.  It uses a tank of water that holds two coffee pots worth.  First you pour in two coffee pots worth of water and turn the unit on.  It takes about 5 minutes to get the water hot the first time around, then it waits for you to add one more pot of cold water, this is when the magic begins.  As you pour cold water into the hopper tank, it descends a down a tube to the bottom of the heated tank.  Now this tank all ready has water in it that is nice and hot.  The cold water which naturally wants to stay on the bottom anyway pushes the heated water up and out an overflow at the top of the tank.  This overflow is connected to a tube which has its end set just below the level at which the hot and cold water find a balance.  As water flows out the tube it creates a siphon effect draining out the hot water from the reserve tank and allowing space for the cold water in the hopper to fill up.  Now the hot water has to go somewhere, so why not channel it into a coffee ground hopper where it brews up a tasty and oh-so quick pot of coffee.  The BUNN coffee units spout is kinda like one of those rain shower heads, where it sprinkles down hot water over all the coffee ground area at once.  This wets out the grinds quickly allowing for a quick brew.  Regular home units trickle it out at insanely slow speeds often inducing madness in morning commuters and small dogs alike.  Finally the large heater element takes very little time to heat up the now cold water in the tank and by the time you have drained the first pot of coffee, and gotten new coffee grinds ready the cycle is ready to start anew, remembering the tank holds two pots worth of hot water so is all ready ahead by one pot.
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Kiteman3 years ago
I believe the correct term is...

iminthebathroom (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
OMG! you could make this epic machine into a baby....holder? yeah and it'd be so cute...if you have kids of course
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is wonderful! Wish I could work metal (I know little about welding and so on) you should sell them....I'd so buy one!
iminthebathroom (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
Thank you, you have to think of welding as hot gluing at slightly higher temperatures, its almost as easy.
That is the most brilliant description I've ever heard of welding!
poofrabbit3 years ago
Hey well done on winning the metal contest! I was so excited when I saw you took the grand prize this is just so darn cool! And (and I'm so not techy) I think it I had the time and tools I could do this myself! Awesome instructable!
rimar20003 years ago
Congratulations, you deserves the prize!
I love your title for this Instructable :-D
Why thank you
Heya! That pic of the lady with the coffee machine reminded me of Faye from Questionable Content comic! She made a dinosaur coffee pooping machine. You could try that next :D

Here's links to all 3 of her espresso machines:


- Antzy
Ha, my wife loved it
hehehehe... whats 'it'? your cofee maker, the comic strip or the coffee maker in the comic strip???
All 3 actually, that and the heroine
Glad you guys liked it... :D
mjagutis3 years ago
this robot is called "android" i think :P
qualia mjagutis3 years ago
The word was coined from the Greek root ἀνδρ (anthro/andro)- 'man' and the suffix -oid 'having the form or likeness of'.

Not trying to be harsh, just thought i'd clear up that deficit in your technical vocabulary. I have not met many men that resemble R2D2 in even an abstract way, so i figure R2D2 should not really be classed as an android.

mjagutis qualia3 years ago
whole world did the same mistake about this fellow :) and R2D2 must be his parent keeping in mind their similarity... Because of their design it is difficult to decide what are these things but i think you do agree that they are (r2d2 mind is dead so -> was) too smart to be just simple robots. and i think that is the reason of calling them "droids" :) because of the smartness but not the shape :D
qualia mjagutis3 years ago
very valid points. i stand corrected.
AisC qualia3 years ago
In the movies, R2D2 was referred to as a "droid," presumably short for android. Correcting mjagutis is pointless; you should correct George Lucas.
AisC3 years ago
"Help me, Juan Valdez! You're my only hope!" Cool idea for Star Wars geeks.
AngryGuy703 years ago
Awesome! My lovely wife barely tolerates my coffee stuff, this might cause violence in my house. Then again I do have like half the counter covered with coffee stuff. I suppose if I made one look like a character from Grease she wouldn't mind, but that ain't gonna happen.
iminthebathroom (author)  AngryGuy703 years ago
nice, which character though
None sounds about right. I hear Grease, I go fishing. Or wash the car or cut the grass or hit my head with a hammer until it stops. I sat through that when we were dating. Sort of how she used to cook until she got the gold. Just can't handle it anymore. I imagine Travolta would be her favorite. Or possibly he's the only actor I can name from the movie.

Seriously, it's one thing to say hey that's cool and another altogether to be able to visualize it before you build it. Your coffeebot really is cool.

I'm not very creative, most of my junk around here is born of necessity. Or from my being cheap. That's why I have a gutted and modded popcorn maker to roast coffee in on the counter, I'm too cheap to buy a roaster.
iminthebathroom (author)  AngryGuy703 years ago
That's hilarious. never did quite work out the bugs to roast indoors. Did the same thing and filled the lower half of my house with coffee bean chaff...
Stainless perf from mcmaster-carr. Make cylinder that fits in the popper top and weld or solder on a cap. Chaff tends to fall back in when done but helps keep it off the floors. I suppose if you made a mushroom shaped top like a fresh-roast that would be even better.

I am trying to slap together a drum roaster right now from an old bread machine. Fun Fun.
jkent53 years ago
This is AWESOME. I love it. Would you sell it??
iminthebathroom (author)  jkent53 years ago
yes, though being made of heavy steel, shipping might be an issue for weight
How much!
iminthebathroom (author)  kicksledkid3 years ago
huh, haven't thought that one through yet to be honest.
First, Great work on the R2-D2
Second, I'm really sorry to hear that SOME People cant read the red box bellow when commenting. I mean come on, if you spend your free time dissing other peoples work that they spent LOTS of time and effort on then try REALLY hard to find a new hobby.

OH, not here on instructables. Generally everyone on this sight is awesome, sometimes criticism, but always constructive which i love. This instructable is going slightly viral and its on other sites where its been picked up that the comments were made. Thank you though!
AWESOME. If I had any technical skills whatsoever, I would try and make it. As I don't, and would be more likely to kill myself or severe several fingers, I'll simply droll jeaously over yours.

Oh, and us tea drinkers will be watching Star Trek: Next Generation, thank you very much, drinking cup after cup of "tea, earl grey, hot", along with our Captain (who is waaaaay better than Kirk. And begin "which is the better captain" match now) :-P :-D
iminthebathroom (author)  EveryFairyDies3 years ago
I like to tease my wife and son, both tea drinkers...
phenoptix3 years ago
Not only an excellent idea executed well, but beautifully and meticulously documented. 5 Stars and gets my vote.
iminthebathroom (author)  phenoptix3 years ago
whoo-hoo thanks! Its in the metal and food science contest as well!
rengisedeht3 years ago
Love the instructabe!!!

Coffee holder should have been 3PO's head.
When the coffee started brewing he should have exclaimed "Oh My! I think I smell coffee!"

Has anyone told your wife her smile looks like Gabrielle Carteris' from 90210.
iminthebathroom (author)  rengisedeht3 years ago
Nice! that would have been funny! and I'm sure she would be pleased
Gorgeous!.........Coffee Maker ain bad either.....lol
iminthebathroom (author)  HappyToBeAlive3 years ago
wife went - TeeHee :)
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