Step 11: Finishing

Put it all together, kinda
Now depending on how you made yours will depend on the final order of the build.  I have included a basic idea of what I went through to get it all together, this was my “R2-Do List” get it? Oh yeah.  Of course this list is based on my insane work schedule, so...

Thursday 4:40am till 5:00 am
1. Remove coffee grinder assembly and other bits to be blued and paint, items such as
a. Mesh Bib
b. Trim
c. Sound switch “washer”
2. Silicone tank seam top and bottom.  Also seal around wires for dome light, in and out
3. Fit another led light onto end of coffee strainer or perhaps body to direct light into the coffee ground unit and out eyes
Thursday afternoon – 1:00pm – if possible
4. Cut hole for heating element in lower front of R2’s body
5. Drill 2 holes for heating element plate, tap and test screw fitment, ensure screws can be threaded in and out multiple times
6. Drill and weld a bolt into bottom of coffee unit – will act as a ground point
7. Drill 2 holes in center of base. 
a. Align body to base and weld through the holes locking down the body
b. Or – continue drilling through and bolt in place
8. Cut slits in dome ring to accommodate rivets in top of body
Friday afternoon – 1:00 till 3:00 – if possible
9. Drill holes through tops of inside shoulder just off center towards the back of centerline and through the body where they meet.  Drill 1 hole through inside of one leg at cantilever level and mating hole on body
10. Weld legs to feet
11. Drill and rivet tops of shoulders to body
12. Cut trim piece to cover gap on back of temp control unit and rivet in place
13. Fit bib – drill holes through bib and into body.  Bolt in place.  Drill hole for sound switch, refit bib with switch and place and re-bolt.  Check for movement.  When secure remove
14. Remove element, switches and light cover
15. Paint and Pray
Saturday morning – 11:30am till ?
16. Fit new wires and new connections, heat shrink what you can
17. Make sure copper down pipe is secure
18. Re-install heater element plate and wires
19. Run cables through legs from feet and into body and terminate at foot switch and foot light.  Leave extra cable
20. Install sound system in one foot, feed cable through to body and mount sound switch, glue in place
21. Install transformer in foot, feed cable to tie into dome.  Pigtail Transformer to main power
Sunday morning - ?
22. Install blued coffee ground holder
23. Install coffee system wires, temperature controller and join tank to dome.  Hook up dome light and lower dome in place keeping an eye on the temperature probe wire.  Screw in head screws
24. Paint on finishing touches and allow to dry
25. Paint and fit new black center eye
26. Write an Instructable for it?

About the Paint.
I used a variety of paints for this build.  You can see in some of the pictures that the tank is all ready white.  The reason for being that I hadn’t really thought the process through and thought I’d save time by pre-painting part of it.  This doesn’t really work well though as there was way too much fitting, welding and refitting to be done before painting could begin.  So first holes were drilled for the wiring and then the entire unit was welded together.  With a little grinding it looked oh-so nice and shiny.  I was very tempted not to paint it, as I often am with builds like this.  It seems a shame to cover up metal work like this but this was always in the design.  I’m sure a carpenter feels the same if he milled ornate crown moulding with no fillers used only flawless process.  Then the buyer promptly paints it right in front of him, covering up all his work...
Anyway, the first paint I used was high heat enamel, kinda like a white version of barbeque paint.  It looked nice and covered well but was not suited for the job.  It scratched off so easy, not something that’s going to hold up well in a busy kitchen.  Then I thought of using your typical rust paint like Tremclad or Rustoleum, but decided against it.  These rust paints are durable, but they are soft for so long.  No I wanted something really tough and available without an environmental permit.  Enter, Epoxy appliance paint.  Resistant to scratches and chipping, scrubbable and somewhat quick drying.  Tremclad would have taken many days to reach a working hardness, the epoxy took 12 hours to get really hard and 24 hours for a diamond cure.
The blue anodize paint is similar to the enamel, weak indeed.  Looks great, but scratches easy.  I ended up using it anyway, but top coated it with a enamel clear coat.  It seems ok, but I guess only time will tell.
Other details, shadows and lines were completed with a combination of a sharpie pen, model paints and I have to admit some of wife and daughters nail polish.  Don’t laugh great colours and a nice hard finish.  This was clear coated as well
Finally the laser damage!  This was easy actually, and not painted on as well, which is why it looks great.  Instead I hooked the ground cable of my welder to the frame.  Ground the paint off just the very center of where I wanted the laser to strike, and struck an arc dead center.  This produces a blast of heat that scores the paint and metal in multiple directions providing the look of blaster damage.  Clear coat and Bobs your uncle, in my case he really is!  Hey Uncle Bob!
That big beautiful black eye!
Like I said at the beginning of this Instructable, I learned this trick off an astro-droid website.  Get yourself a 2 liter pop bottle and empty it of its contents.  Coco-cola would be my first choice but there bottle doesn`t work for this.  Pepsi brand bottle are perfect.  Just before the top of the bottle is the curved shoulder.  Cut out a section larger then you need.  Then out of this cut a circle ever so slightly larger than the size you need for the black eye, say 2mm larger.  Paint the inside curve of the lens with black paint.  The convex side will now be a glorious shiny black looking lens with the plastic forever protecting the paint behind it.  Now just carefully squeeze it into the hole.  At first you will think it won’t fit, but if you use toothpicks as leverage bars the soft plastic will yield and suddenly pop into place.  The gap where the metal of the eye piece and the dome meet is never perfectly flush, so the excess plastic of the lens fits in perfectly like a snap ring.  If it gets damaged it’s easy enough to poke with a razor blade in the middle and pry it out.  Make a fresh one and wiggle the new lens in.  I have made about 3 of them so far, not because they were damaged by others, but by me.  Often I would want to see what it looked like, forget the lens in, and then do some welding on it or painting.  So a new lens was required.
Last minute I decided to make additional trim for the front.  I wasn`t going to when I started this project thinking I would just paint it all on.  But as it takes very little time to come sheet metal I thought why not.  The trim was the section around the sound switch and the vents below the coffee grin holder.  Once again, each to his/her own.
Another idea I tried but just didn’t work well was to aim a high intensity LED through the eyes of the coffee grind droid.  These red lenses were designed for night viewing only and were designed to have just a faint glow as to not induce night blindness.  They even had an option where if you turn the housing an iris would close ½ way and reduce the glow even further.  A 1 watt star luxeon LED would barely light them up, and cast an icky glow on the coffee maker behind it, so I ditched that idea.  Even tried shinning a laser pointer through them, this made them glow a little but the nature of a laser is to shine one beam.  I would need either some kind of a splitter or 3 lasers, bah.
I believe the correct term is... <br> <br><strong>NERDGASM!</strong>
<p>I know this is years old, But I would have liked to hear the sound effects when removing the pot. Awesome idea, and implementation!</p>
OMG! you could make this epic machine into a baby....holder? yeah and it'd be so cute...if you have kids of course
This is wonderful! Wish I could work metal (I know little about welding and so on) you should sell them....I'd so buy one!
Thank you, you have to think of welding as hot gluing at slightly higher temperatures, its almost as easy.
That is the most brilliant description I've ever heard of welding!
Hey well done on winning the metal contest! I was so excited when I saw you took the grand prize this is just so darn cool! And (and I'm so not techy) I think it I had the time and tools I could do this myself! Awesome instructable!
Congratulations, you deserves the prize!
I love your title for this Instructable :-D
Why thank you
Heya! That pic of the lady with the coffee machine reminded me of Faye from Questionable Content comic! She made a dinosaur coffee pooping machine. You could try that next :D <br> <br>Here's links to all 3 of her espresso machines: <br> <br>http://www.questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=1644 <br>http://www.questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=1882 <br>http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=2173 <br> <br>- Antzy
Ha, my wife loved it
hehehehe... whats 'it'? your cofee maker, the comic strip or the coffee maker in the comic strip???
All 3 actually, that and the heroine
Glad you guys liked it... :D
this robot is called &quot;android&quot; i think :P
The word was coined from the Greek root &aacute;&frac14;€&Icirc;&frac12;&Icirc;&acute;&Iuml; (anthro/andro)- 'man' and the suffix -oid 'having the form or likeness of'. <br> <br>Not trying to be harsh, just thought i'd clear up that deficit in your technical vocabulary. I have not met many men that resemble R2D2 in even an abstract way, so i figure R2D2 should not really be classed as an android. <br> <br>kthxbai.
whole world did the same mistake about this fellow :) and R2D2 must be his parent keeping in mind their similarity... Because of their design it is difficult to decide what are these things but i think you do agree that they are (r2d2 mind is dead so -&gt; was) too smart to be just simple robots. and i think that is the reason of calling them &quot;droids&quot; :) because of the smartness but not the shape :D <br>BUT I MEANT THE SHAPE AT THE BEGINNING :D
very valid points. i stand corrected.
In the movies, R2D2 was referred to as a &quot;droid,&quot; presumably short for android. Correcting mjagutis is pointless; you should correct George Lucas.
&quot;Help me, Juan Valdez! You're my only hope!&quot; Cool idea for Star Wars geeks.
Awesome! My lovely wife barely tolerates my coffee stuff, this might cause violence in my house. Then again I do have like half the counter covered with coffee stuff. I suppose if I made one look like a character from Grease she wouldn't mind, but that ain't gonna happen.
nice, which character though
None sounds about right. I hear Grease, I go fishing. Or wash the car or cut the grass or hit my head with a hammer until it stops. I sat through that when we were dating. Sort of how she used to cook until she got the gold. Just can't handle it anymore. I imagine Travolta would be her favorite. Or possibly he's the only actor I can name from the movie. <br> <br>Seriously, it's one thing to say hey that's cool and another altogether to be able to visualize it before you build it. Your coffeebot really is cool. <br> <br> I'm not very creative, most of my junk around here is born of necessity. Or from my being cheap. That's why I have a gutted and modded popcorn maker to roast coffee in on the counter, I'm too cheap to buy a roaster.
That's hilarious. never did quite work out the bugs to roast indoors. Did the same thing and filled the lower half of my house with coffee bean chaff...
Stainless perf from mcmaster-carr. Make cylinder that fits in the popper top and weld or solder on a cap. Chaff tends to fall back in when done but helps keep it off the floors. I suppose if you made a mushroom shaped top like a fresh-roast that would be even better.<br><br>I am trying to slap together a drum roaster right now from an old bread machine. Fun Fun.
This is AWESOME. I love it. Would you sell it??
yes, though being made of heavy steel, shipping might be an issue for weight
How much!
huh, haven't thought that one through yet to be honest.
First, Great work on the R2-D2 <br>Second, I'm really sorry to hear that SOME People cant read the red box bellow when commenting. I mean come on, if you spend your free time dissing other peoples work that they spent LOTS of time and effort on then try REALLY hard to find a new hobby. <br> <br>&lt;3
OH, not here on instructables. Generally everyone on this sight is awesome, sometimes criticism, but always constructive which i love. This instructable is going slightly viral and its on other sites where its been picked up that the comments were made. Thank you though!
AWESOME. If I had any technical skills whatsoever, I would try and make it. As I don't, and would be more likely to kill myself or severe several fingers, I'll simply droll jeaously over yours. <br> <br>Oh, and us tea drinkers will be watching Star Trek: Next Generation, thank you very much, drinking cup after cup of &quot;tea, earl grey, hot&quot;, along with our Captain (who is waaaaay better than Kirk. And begin &quot;which is the better captain&quot; match now) :-P :-D
I like to tease my wife and son, both tea drinkers...
Not only an excellent idea executed well, but beautifully and meticulously documented. 5 Stars and gets my vote.
whoo-hoo thanks! Its in the metal and food science contest as well!
Love the instructabe!!! <br> <br>Coffee holder should have been 3PO's head. <br>When the coffee started brewing he should have exclaimed &quot;Oh My! I think I smell coffee!&quot; <br> <br>Has anyone told your wife her smile looks like Gabrielle Carteris' from 90210.
Nice! that would have been funny! and I'm sure she would be pleased
Gorgeous!.........Coffee Maker ain bad either.....lol
wife went - TeeHee :)
Now that is one fabulous project!! I'm sorry you had to deal with awful comments earlier. Your family looks lovely and R2D2 looks happier in a family environment, not being shot down by Stormtroopers!! <br> <br>The Bunn concept is very cool - I always enjoy making up the coffee whenever I'm helping at my husband's office (I don't work there but help him when he does the Red Cross blood drives.). We just recently got us a K-cup type deal when our old coffee maker died...but now... I think this would be so much cooler!! Maybe I need to figure out a way to steampunk my k-cup coffeemaker...
Thanks, were more or less over it, more of the &quot;hey, that's not very nice&quot; shock of it. The bunn maker was a little tricky, think it might even be easier with the K-kup kind
Now my husband would probably go more for a TARDIS type coffeemaker... or the Captain Picard &quot;Tea, Earl Grey&quot; model... ;-)
That would be awesome!!!!!, my daughter collects all things Doctor Who, she wants her door painted like a tardis!
Just one word: <br> <br>WOW!!!!!!!!!
thanks, it turned out well
I never thought inside coffee makers were such material for steampunk projects! <br>It's beautiful!

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