Step 2: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Ok, this was my “rough” list, yours is going to be different, but here goes. 

“Keep in mind that aside from welding wire, epoxies, paint and the recordable greeting card everything was from the dump.  Even the BUNN coffee maker was rescued from a building due for demolition”  Which  bring me to the bleeding hand photo,  Just cause its second hand doesn't make it safe.

Stainless steel sphere cut into 2 domes
Stainless steel plate 1/8” thick about 6 square feet
Stainless steel stove pipe tube “body”
Stainless Steel perforated sheet “barista apron”
Stainless Steel cantruss “electrical cable tray building material”
Small stainless steel hinge
Hollow copper float ball
Working but perhaps underappreciated BUNN industrial tank style coffee maker
Wire for connections
LED’s/resistors and a means to light them, i.e. small transformer.  LED’s were from automotive gadgets and an old cell phone charger
Various bits of “what have you” to make the details with, i.e. holo projector lens, coffee grind droids eyes etc...
2 liter pop bottle – empty
Quick set epoxy – clear
Aquarium grade silicone caulk
Switch and or lights you wish to use to replace the standard one off the BUNN unit
Recordable greeting card and a momentary switch to activate it
Durable paints

Tools used
Lots and lots of clamps
Angle grinder with flap discs and zip-cut abrasive discs
MIG Welder, brazing tools, soldering tools
Safety equipment and the knowledge to use it
Dremel with various bits
And a wide assortment of hand tools such as files, screwdrivers, paint brushes etc...
Band-aids, polysporin and a tetanus shot might not be a bad idea.