Step 5: Body

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Once again this was built and documented with my elusive SD card, but this one is rather simple. 
The first method I tried was using stainless sheet metal that I would wrap around a plywood frame I built for this purpose.  It just never looked right by the time I was done.  Partially because the steel I was using was designed to lay flat, It had never been machine rolled.  So I went the semi easy route.  I used a section of stainless steel stove pipe.  This was the kind that you assemble with an interlocking flange.  Though not quite large enough to use for the entire diameter, it was easy enough to modify to make larger.  First I traced the dome onto a sheet of plate steel.  Then I cut a 1 inch ring around it.  I then cut thin pie sections all along the outer ring, going to the center ring.  This creates tabs which you bend up.  Create your tube by bending the stove pipe around the flange on R2’s dome.  Lock in place just at the dome with some duct tape.  Then insert the plate in the bottom and tighten the stove pipe around it.  Drill and rivet the stove pipe in at least 4 places and remove the tape.  It should now be locked together.  Remove the dome and start drilling through the base of the tube into the tabs on the bottom plate.  Rivet or weld in place.  If your tube is larger then mine you should be able to fit everything in the tube.  Mine just didn’t have space for the thermostat switch so I made a small box which protrudes from the back.  Again the sizes will need to be determined by you, my dome should have been wider then it was, so my proportions are skewed a little.  Ah well, such is life.