Step 8: Base

Initially I was going to build the base so it laid flat on the counter, but then realized I could raise it and have it cantilevered.  The overall effect is that it looks like the front end is floating, and the shape seems land speeder-ish in nature. 

First I cut a bottom plate that would contain R2’s body and span a large enough gap to hold the coffee pot warmer directly under the hot water spigot.  Then I simply placed the body and coffee warmer plate on the lower base plate where they should be and trace around them.  Next I used the lower plate to trace another tray and cut this one out as well.  The it was a simple manner of cutting out where the body and warmer plate was to be put out of one of them.

Here is a trick when cutting a tight radius in plate with a zip cut disk.  Cut only halfway through along your cut line.  If you try to cut all the way through either you’ll widen the cut line too much or the blade will probably shatter send bits of abrasive disk into you or anything else around you.  This can be deadly, always use a full face shield and very heavy clothes that are tightly fit, no baggy clothes here!  But I digress; now flip your plate over.  The heat generated by cutting through halfway will have made a perfect pattern line on the reverse side.  Just finish cutting through and you’re good to go, this makes tricky two sided lay outs easy!

Next I took two one inch thick pieces of square tube steel and sandwich welded them between.  Just like the shoulders I cut a long strip of steel to bend around it.  Just like before, weld at the start and then slowly bend it around welding as you go.

Grind off excess and check your welds.  Seeing a seam on the feet or shoulders is fine, but on the top plate you really want it took like one massive piece of steel.  Plus coffee dribbles will get in there and make a mess!  Darth would not be pleased.   A clean Empire is a productive Empire, as Darth always used to say.

Next weld the feet to the base from the bottom and inside where possible.  These welds will be very hard to grind down, so do where it’s the least obvious.