These ARE the droids you're looking for!
Forget protocol, droid, and mash up everyone's favorite astromech with mid-heels and create the greatest footwear the Empire has ever seen. These R2D2 shoes are the hottest thing this side of Tatooine and they’re cooler than Hoth. 

The wide heel of these shoes was removed and replaced with a steel bolt to provide strength and support, but at a fraction of the size. An R2D2 toy covers the heel bolt, and the toes have been decorated with lenses, blue accents, and a blinking red LED to let everyone know just how this droid rolls.

This project follows mostly the same process as Dinosaur Heels, but with a few more additions to take it to the next level. Whether you're dashing to Tosche Station for power converters or just going to the store, these R2D2 heels are sure to give you geek cred faster than you can shut down all the trash compactors on the detention level.

Here's what I used to make mine
  • MIG welder
  • soldering iron
  • propane torch
  • rotary tool
  • elecric drill
  • rubber cement
  • foam glue
  • 2-part epoxy (extra strength - not "quick setting")
  • white spray paint
  • 1x button cell battery holder
  • 1x 3V coin cell battery (mine was CR20163)
  • 2x identical R2D2 toy action figures (about $8 each)
  • white shoes in desired size (mine were free)
  • 1x SPST (or SPDT) switch
  • 2x 5mm red blinky LEDs
  • 2x 5mm LED holders
  • 2x mini flashlights - lenses only ($1 each)
  • 1/4" - 20 threaded rod
  • 2x 1/4" - 20 hex nuts
  • 2-3mm blue foam sheets ($1 each)
  • sunglasses (mine were $1)
  • thin-gauge wire
  • heat-shrink tubing

Ready to save the galaxy in style? beep boop beep!

Step 1: Materials + Concept

I followed mostly the same concept and process as with Dinosaur Heels.
The idea is to replace the standard heel with a slender support post, then hide that post with a hollow plastic dinosaur R2D2 toys. This will give the illusion that the dinosaur astromech is holding up the shoe.

R2D2: The toys I used had electronics inside that allowed them tolight up and make sounds when a button was pushed. Since I wanted to retain these features I could not drill straight through, rather a valley was made in the back of the R2D2 toys that would go around the bolt heel.
Shoes:I chose a crocodile skin texture for my shoes, as it looked the most dinosaur-esque and matched my dinosaurs
I found these brand new shoes for free outside my apartment. How perfect is that?! White shoes = R2D2 awesomesauce!
Bolts: Any 1/4" bolt will work, cut to height.
End Caps: I needed to protect the end of the heel spikes from damaging any floor surfaces when walking. I managed to modify the existing heel caps to work with my new design.
<p>A friend of mine made these for me for my wedding day - I was sooo happy. </p>
<p>Wow, this is amazing! I feel honoured to have my shoes made for your big day. Congratulations!</p><p>Thanks for sharing a picture here, it's really made my day. Enjoy the Pro Membership!</p>
<p>OK...3 WORDS.....I WANT YODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
The reflectiveness on the tops of the shoes might not be good if you wear a skirt.
If this ever becomes a trend I might kill myself
R2-D2 Heels.<br>Tools needed:<br>MIG welder...<br><br>Well, that escalated quickly. Cool project.
<p>^ Funny! :D</p>
<p>Looks really awesome. I recently saw shoes like these, but with BB8. I assume you made them?</p>
<p>Yes! Aside from BB-8 heels, I've also made these prehistoric <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/dinosaur-heels/" target="_blank">Dinosaur Heels</a><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/dinosaur-heels/" target="_blank">.</a> What can I say, I just love making ladies heels!</p>
<p>Wow :D You are quite the inventor.</p>
Wow I will follow wow again
<p>Really wow</p>
<p>Great shoes with beautiful heel</p>
<p>Amazing Creativity!!!</p>
<p>Unique design</p>
<p>I made my own version! I did a mix up with C3P0 and R2D2...without the tech. Here's the link: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Wars-C3PO-and-R2D2-Painted-Shoes/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Wars-C3PO-and...</a></p><p>And I entered them into the Remix contest! Thanks Mike! :)</p>
<p>You're so crafty. Your shoes look great!</p>
Very unique design!!
Very cool Mike! I hope that's not you wearing them in the pic...and if it is...nice legs! Haha
cool design. Can they really hold our weight?
I love these! On the lookout for some shoes to use as a base! :) Although I am sure they wont be quite as techy...love them!
The iO9 entry on these has 20k+ views as I type. <br>
How cool is that? brilliant design
just a safety tip, using a solding iron to melt plastic is bad for you health as melting plastic releases Carbon Monoxide
nice idea, just don't break your ankles.
Pretty cool - You could market these as <strong>R2D-Shoes!</strong>
Are the R2D2s resistant toys?
Really awesome instructable.
You just hit the BoingBoing twitter account :-) Pretty cool!
You always come up with the best projects, Mikeasaurus!
An excellent project; and, dare I say, Mike; you have great ankles! <br> <br>I suspect these would also look good using Daleks. Or maybe a Dalek on one shoe and a Cyberman on the other .... you have raised many possibilities!
Great job!!!
Oh wow, this is made of awesome!
Nice build Mike! You're definitely going to win the internet with this. You going to auction them?
I just know we can blow up the Death Star if more Alliance fighters had appropriate footwear. I'm considering becoming an intergalactic cobbler
I have been experiencing The Internet for some time now, and I believe I have discovered the correct term to use here: <br> <br><strong>ZOMG!</strong> <br> <br><sub>(As for the channel in the back of R2, I imaging backing him up to the blade of a band saw several times would work?)</sub>
Thank you, Mark. <br /> <br />I considered a saw to remove the back of R2 and get him to fit before I come to the soldering iron. The plastic wall of the toy wasn't very deep, and where the toy was going to connect to the heel was right where the toy's battery compartment was. The R2 unit is sealed shut, so you can't change (or move) the battery without breaking the toy apart. Also, since the heel bolt is round I thought more surface area contact the better. <br /> <br />If there is a "next time", I would like to explore more (better) methods of affixing dissimilar materials, unobtrusively and without 2-part epoxy.
Wow, they light up and make sounds, that is awesome!
<em>beep, boop, beep!</em>
Pretty cool! But what would I wear them with?
An <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/110627483/r2d2-retro-style-star-wars-dress">R2D2 dress</a>, of course!
Teehee, I think you left evidence of copying the instructions from your dino version in step 1, since I'm pretty sure you didn't pick these white heels for their crock skin texture ;) These are really fun though! Great work!
Busted!<br /> <br /> I wanted to try and reuse the same wording, but seems like I missed that one. Thanks for letting me know, it's fixed now.&nbsp;<br /> <sub>(Aside from stealing most of the text from step 1, I also shamelessly copied steps 2, 5, and 6!)</sub>
That first picture is so fantastic - the blinking light - way cool!
Little known fact, they destroyed Alderaan because the shoe rule &quot;No white after Labor Day&quot; was not to be tolerated.

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