Picture of R2D2 trashcan
This instructable is a step- by- step to make an average everyday trash-can into a R2D2 trash-can! You will need:
~A trash can (round)
~cardboard (about 2mm thickness or less and some more sheets that are about an inch or so thick)
~X-acto knife
~ Computer paper
~Microsoft word
~Templates found below in pics
~ Duct tape and scotch tape
~C clamps
~Glue (I recommend Beacon's 3 in 1 advanced Craft Glue)
~ Time (about 6-8 hours total depending on speed, quality, etc)
~Musical card ( preferrably playing starwars theme or being a recordable one for artoo noises)
~RC car
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Step 1: The beginning

Picture of The beginning
First, find a suitable trash-can. Preferably round and either a simple cylinder or with a slant towards the base. ( Simple cylinder works best but slanted is more acurate) for mine, it was a 9.5 inches tall and 7.75 inches diameter

Now what I did on word was come up with the basic design of R2's controls. While it is fairly basic, the majority of the detail is there. (I apologize to those that want exact details) I colored it in on word and printed it off. This mkaes up the details on the front of the body.  I simply taped and glued that onto the body of the trashcan. now. here's where it gets dicey. If your trashcan is a perfect cylinder, it will fit quite nicely arround. If its not, then you will neeed to cut the paper to fit once its been attached, this will leave small gaps where the trashcan is exposed.

Step 2: A bit further along

Picture of a bit further along
Well, now that the front is done, you probably want to do the back. Use the same method as before, just with the different document. In a perfect world, the two documents would line up perfectly, eliminating the need for filler. BUT alas, the world is cruel, and it may very well be that you need to cut triangles to fill in the space. There is another template for radiator like details on the sides that go behind the legs. Attach all pieces of paper as before.
vishalapr3 years ago
How did you add the word files, could you please tell me as I would like to add some files to my ibles.
And cool ible by the way
Robert595 (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
Thanks! And when creating a step, hit the "upload images/files" button. Then select files that you want to upload. Good luck!
but when I do that my files get added as blank images and not as files listed below, but as you keep going to the ending of the images then the files are shown as white images, so could you tell me how to add files so that they are visible at the ending of the photo instructable so that it is easy for anyone to download them
Thanks a lot
Robert595 (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
Not sure what to tell you... I tried it again and it worked fine for me... did you try publishing the files? Maybe they just appear as blank images in the editing window?
Nope they appeared as blank images even after I published it! But don't worry I found out a way!
But now I have a new problem, if I try to embed more than 1 video it doesn't want to embed the second one! Do you by any chance know how to embed 2 videos
Robert595 (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
I have not yet tried to add video to a project... Ill have to try it and get back to you!
Ya thanks but I solved the problem!
Thanks for helping..!
holy fudge this is awesome
Robert595 (author)  crazycorncake3 years ago
Thanks! If you gie it a try, post pics please!
ChrysN4 years ago